Article Submissions

Stars Ablazin media encourage submissions from writers who are interested in the topics we regularly cover in each magazine, we are always open to new ideas. When submitting an article for consideration it’s helpful if you can advise which magazine you wish it to be considered for. We always strive to publish articles that are accurate, informative, and practical advice.

As a niche publication, without the backing of a large publisher, we’re seldom able to pay a fee for articles. Typically our authors are motivated to share information with like-minded equestrians to help educate and promote western riding and horsemanship in the UK. Writing articles for our audience is also a great way to raise your profile as an expert in your field.


Western Horse UK and Horsemanship Journal writing style



As the writer, you should be well informed and have researched your topic carefully so the advice you share with readers can be trusted. Any facts and data quoted should be verifiable.


These are critical components of the article to let the reader know that the article is relevant to them. The title should be short but informative, and the subheading is typically one sentence that sums up the essence of the article.


If you are not a professional writer and would like some helpful tools, then we recommend the use of the Hemmingway app or Grammarly. Not only do these tools check grammar and spelling, but they also help you simplify your writing. Many of us write complicated sentences when a simple one will convey the message more effectively. There are of course many similar apps available online.

We typically prefer articles with a minimum word count of 1200. Based on our average of 600 words per page, this will result in an article that is substantial while allowing plenty of space for photographs or illustrations.


Relevant high-resolution pictures will make an article stand out; it is always helpful to include these with your article submission. If these are not your photographs please ensure you have the relevant permissions to use them. Permissions should also be obtained from people who are the subject of your photograph.

We prefer high-resolution digital photographs. Each photo must be 300dpi, at least one megabyte (1,000 kilobytes). Large images can be shared with us using the software, such as DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Infographics are an excellent way to explain complex topics. Our graphic design team can help produce these if you provide relevant facts and information.


It is critical to the integrity and credibility of an article that you correctly reference any quotes that you include. Here is a guide to citation that you may find useful:


Please provide a bio for yourself as the author (150 to 200 words) to include professional credentials and experience; a photo is always nice too

Submission Instructions

If you would like us to consider an article for inclusion in the magazine, please submit a word document to [email protected]


Guidance for our regular features


We pride ourselves on our training pages and have an incredible list of contributors from the UK and abroad. We publish articles designed to appeal to all levels, covering all disciplines including horsemanship, western pleasure, trail and reining. Our training pages have won awards for their clarity of design and content.

Any content submitted for this section must be informative, educational and encouraging.   


This section recognises that many riders want to get out into the countryside with their horses and take relaxing leisure rides. We welcome articles on any riding activity that takes readers out of the school or show pen.


Here we cover the successes of UK riders, both at home and abroad.


We welcome advertorials and recommend that you contact our advertising department in the first instance; [email protected]

Advertorials should be informative, but will promote a particular service or product and as such will be in the Business Focus section, or clearly labelled as an advertorial.

Advertorials are an excellent way to establish your business’s brand, promote your products or services, or to build your name as an authority in a particular area; they provide useful information to readers while promoting your product.