Our special Guest in the April episode of Horsemanship Hour Live was Phillippa Christie, in this episode, we discuss equine development and the effects of competition on developing horses.

Phillippa is a registered Equine Psychologist professional member of ISES (International Society for Equitation Science) and studies Equine Anatomy with the College of Equine Studies.

Phillippa became interested in equine anatomy when sh saw the initial diagram showing the stages of equine development by Naomi Tavian, a trainer based in northern Italy. The diagram was based on the research of Dr Deb Bennet. "It was truly groundbreaking to me, and I wanted to understand this further."

Phillippa has researched the main industries involved in commercial equestrianism in the hopes of highlighting the latest scientific information and questioning how this fits in with welfare ideologies. Watch this episode to find out more!

 “We absolutely loved the talk last night, Phillipa has so much knowledge to share.”

“Very interesting talk. Thank you for sharing!”

“Thank you I’ve really enjoyed it. Very interesting.”