Happy New Year! Welcome to the February issue of Horsemanship Journal.

With January behind us, and Groundhog Day fading, we are on the final furlong to springtime. This issue is bumper packed with articles to keep you motivated through the last of the mud and cold into warmer days.

Horsemanship Journal February 2021

We have a fabulous new four-part series with Hanna Walton as she takes us through ‘Riley’s Rehab’ and we can see his mental, emotional, and physical journey as it unfolds. Watch out for a future ‘Chat with Kate’ to accompany this feature.

Jason Webb brings us the final piece in his series, this time focusing on ‘Direction before Collection,’ and Ross Cooper looks at bitless bridles. Helen O’Hanlon helps us prepare for a new horsey partner, and Freddy Steele takes us through his backing process with his young horses.

Don’t forget the HJ book club roundup, inspiration to expand your equestrian learning alongside our great features of course!


Stay safe and happy trails!

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Cover stories

6. Jason Webb

Direction Before Collection


8. Anna Blake

Training to be a Late Bloomer

24. Hanna Walton

Riley’s Rehab



10. Ross Cooper

Bitless, Unbridled

14. Horsemanship Map

The UK’s map of horsemanship trainers, coaches and retailers

22. Crissi McDonald

Riding from the Inside Out

28. Horsemanship Journal Book Club

Let’s read together. Let’s Learn together.



16. Freddy Steele

The Backing Process

18. Helen O’Hanlon

Preparing for A New Horse Partnership