I am thrilled to be focussing on youth horse riders in this issue. In the past couple of issues, we introduced you to a new organisation to support children with their horsemanship, and in this issue, we are excited to have the Think Like a Pony Club start a regular column for us, 'Agony Aunt', the Think Like a Pony team will answer your child's questions about their pony.

We also feature a new book by Elaine Heney, 'Listenology for Kids, based on the philosophy of listening to the horse, being kind and practising good horsemanship. We have a copy of this book, and three other titles written by Elaine for kids, to give away; see page 11 for more details.

We are also focusing on the effect of the environment we create for horses; in Ross's latest article, he looks at the effect agriculture has on our environment, and specifically, the grazing we provide for our horses. For those that haven't heard of 'Paddock Paradise', Jill Willis introduces the concept that aims to bring as much of the horse's natural habitat and lifestyle to them in our domestic setting, bringing more health to our domestic horses. It's more achievable than you might think.


What's Inside the May/June issue of Horsemanship Journal


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Picture by Ross Cooper

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12 Jill Willis | Paddock Paradise

A Natural Horse Boarding Alternative

If you're looking for a more natural way to care for your horse, look into Paddock Paradise. This concept was created by Jaime Jackson and is based on the lifestyles of the fittest, healthiest horses around. Learn all about it in this article.


26 Ross Cooper | Paddock Management

Keeping Your Horse's Soil Healthy for Optimum Grazing

Horses are grazing animals, and their health and behaviour are directly impacted by the quality of grazing available to them. Ensuring that your horse has access to healthy soil is critical in maintaining their wellbeing. This article discusses the delicate balance between the nutrients and micro-organisms that live within the soil, and how you can ensure your horse has access to what they need.





22 Agony Aunt

How to Interpret Your Pony's Body Language

Think Like a Pony is here to help you and your child develop an understanding of ponies. In our new agony aunt column, Lynn Henry answers all of your questions about horsemanship. This week, learn how to interpret your pony's body language when they pull their ears back. Ears aren't the only thing that matter! Look at the whole picture and understand what your pony is telling you.


24 Book Club | Listenology for Kids

Horsemanship for Kids

If you're looking for a way to teach your child about horsemanship, look no further than Listenology for Kids. Based on the philosophy of listening to the horse, this book is packed full of beautiful photos and horse wisdom that will introduce any child to the world of horses. With tips on everything from body language to grooming, it's sure to be a hit with parents too! 




6 Zoe Coade | Heartbeat

Get Your Horsemanship Heartbeat Racing

Zoe Coade encourages you to get your heartbeat to drum faster once in a while with these horsemanship tips. As a full-time instructor, she is always searching for interesting ways to motivate, educate, inspire and empower her students.


8 Helen O'Hanlon | Feeling Confidently Confused

Confidently Confused

Drawing on her own experience as a horsewoman and teacher, Helen helps make sense of confusing learning experiences, you'll be able to approach each ride or lesson with confidence.


11 Reader Offers

Offers, Discounts and Competitions


16 Horsemanship Map

The UK's Horsemanship Directory

Looking for a horsemanship trainer? Look no further than the Horsemanship Journal business directory. We've got all the best trainers listed here, so you can find one that's perfect for you and your horse. Plus, our directory is totally free to use! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!


18 Freddy Steele | FAQs

How to Understand Your Horse's Behaviour

In this article, Freddy Steele covers how you can understand your horse's behaviour by taking into account their past experiences and the people around them. By understanding your horse better, you can help build a stronger relationship with them.


20 Sue Palmer | Care for Older Horses

Caring for the Older Horse In 10 Easy Steps

In this series of articles, Sue Palmer shows us how to care for an older horse. Part 1 is all about prioritising an older horse's health and comfort. Stay tuned for more tips on keeping your elderly steed happy and healthy!


28 Natasha Fountain | Confidence A to Z

A to Z of Confidence - The Final Installment

In this final article of the series, we cover U, V, W, X, Y and Z. If you've been following along then you're well on your way to a life of confidence. But don't stop here! There's always more to learn and new challenges ahead. Keep up the good work and stay confident!