With Horsemanship Showcase coming up on 23rd November 2019, we caught up with the organisers, Nicole and Larisa, from Organised Equestrian.  They shared with us the philosophy behind it, what’s in store in 2019 and their vision for the future.

Organised Equestrian
Picture by Equine Photo Design

Horsemanship Journal:  Tell us a little bit about Horsemanship Showcase and how it came about?
Organised Equestrian:  Horsemanship Showcase is an idea we’ve been talking about for a few years, we want to bring together outstanding Horsemanship, education and inspiration, alongside Christmas shopping and more. The 2018 event was all about Parelli instructors - Organised Equestrian is the official distributor for Parelli in the UK - so, working closely with them, we put together a super line-up, including horsemanship displays, education and spotlights. As it takes place a month before Christmas, the idea is to create a festive feel, with a great retail area offering a diverse range of things to buy. We are building on this for 2019, we’ll keep introducing great horsemanship and we are including demonstrations from other horsemanship backgrounds, to present different ideas and philosophies on training, horse health and wellbeing.

Horsemanship Journal: What’s planned for 2019?
Organised Equestrian:  In the main arena we’ll have a number of professionals from Parelli with us once again; including Alison and David Zuend, both 4-star Senior Instructors, Sean Coleman, as well as the Parelli UK Savvy Team. We’ve also got some new things to add to the programme, we’re excited to have Ben Atkinson from Atkinson Action Horses. Ben is a professional equine stunt rider, trick rider, trainer and well known for his liberty expertise. Ben uses horsemanship to prepare horses for film and television work, due to the challenging environment that it presents. Olivia Towers, a professional dressage rider will be demonstrating and talking about confidence and mindset. Jason Webb is a well-known horseman who is currently working to re-train racehorses using his horsemanship philosophy. That’s just a few of the horsemen and women you can watch in the main arena.

In the second arena, we will have the retail area, you can look forward to getting all your equine Christmas shopping here. We will also have horse health and wellness talks, demos and clinics in this area, including Debbie Sneddon who will be running a clinic on the prevention and rehabilitation of lameness and other performance issues.

It’s going to be another fantastic event with very varied presentations and the day is set up for people to wander between the different areas, choosing to watch whatever interests them the most.

Horsemanship Journal: Are the events the result of your personal interests?  
Organised Equestrian:  This is definitely how it started. We thought about who we’d like to study with, who we’d like to watch a clinic with, and who we’d like to ride with. Whilst we both have different passions, with one of us focussing on liberty and the other on eventing, merging our passions brings everything together.

Horsemanship Journal: So that gives you a broad scope for things you can bring to your events?
Organised Equestrian: Whilst we both work in different disciplines, our philosophy for the event is the same. If we see something we really like, we’ll approach someone to see if they’d like to be involved.  

Horsemanship Journal: So, can people get in touch with you and say they’d like to be part of it?
Organised Equestrian:  Yes, absolutely! That is how quite a few clinics have come about.

Horsemanship Journal
: As Organised Equestrian, how long have you been running events?
Organised Equestrian: Our first event was in 2015 with Buck Brannaman, which really got us off the ground, and it’s grown from there.

Horsemanship Journal: Tell us what you have planned for the future?
Organised Equestrian: The dream is for Horsemanship Showcase to become the Horsemanship Olympia. We’re dreaming big - with two arenas, a large shopping area and zones for horse health and wellbeing. 2019 is going to be a fantastic event.

We are also working with Horsemanship Journal to produce an event programme, October’s Showcase Special issue features articles from the horsemen and women demonstrating at the showcase, along with a full program of activities, so that you can plan your day. Get your copy now.