An innovative method from Pat Parelli designed to help you learn more about how your horse thinks. 


The Parelli Horsenality Report is a strategy developed to help horses, owners, handlers and riders to get to know each other better and improve their relationship. Knowing what makes your horse tick, what's important to him, what motivates, demotivates, upsets and excites him is a fantastic key to success.


When you get it right, both of you will be happier and achieve more harmony every time you are together Horsenality is the term that I coined to refer to a system of understanding horses through their basic personality types.


One of the main goals of the Parelli programme is to help horse owners understand their horse's individual personality and to educate them about how to teach their horses in the ways that are most effective for each personality type. The Horsenality system helps people quickly identify a horse's innate character. They can then create instant rapport and achieve great results by knowing what's uniquely important to that individual horse. This approach to understanding the equine mind helps horses – and their humans – become more balanced, centred and confident.




Understanding Horses 

The journey starts with understanding the basic nature of your horse. Horses are prey animals and hunted in nature, so safety is their primary concern and fear their primary reaction. They are herd animals who look to their 'alpha' for leadership. Understanding even these basics can transform your frustration with a horse as you learn to step into his shoes and see the world from his point of view, as well as become his trusted leader. The next step in the journey is to determine his or her individual personality type.


Within the Parelli method of horse training, Horsenality is divided into two main categories: 

1) Introvert / Extrovert

2) Left / Right brained. 


Your horse will be a combination of both categories.


Introvert/Extrovert - Extroverted – high energy, quick with a tendency to run - Introverted – low energy, slow with a tendency to stop


Left/Right-brained - Left-brained - dominant, brave, confident, calm and tolerant - Right-brained – submissive, fearful, lacking in confidence, nervous and reactive




Each Horsenality and its unique characteristics, motivators, needs, wants, desires, behaviours etc. have been studied in-depth, including the leadership strategies that streamline the training of each horse personality. For the first time, you can generate a detailed report that reveals your horse and takes your relationship and success to the next level. This 40+ page personalised report is totally focused on your horse and helps you understand strengths and solve problems with more clarity.


In order for the Parelli team to put together the Horsenality Report folder, which provides more than a year's worth of development and play for you and your horse, you start by answering a set of assessment questions online. These questions can take as little as 30 minutes to complete and in return can lead to months of new adventures and learning.


When your Horsenality Report arrives you will be blown away by the amount of personalised information that is provided to help you and your horse reach new highs in your relationship. Visit for more.