Publish an article in a magazine


Getting published in a magazine can be difficult. The first step is finding the right subject and pitching your idea to an editor or publisher. This post will go over 7 steps that will help you get published in a magazine!


Why do you want to be published?


This is the first question you should ask yourself. Do you want to be published because it will give your career a boost? If so, what are your goals in this field of work that publishing can help with? Is there something about being published that excites and motivates you personally? Whatever your reasons for wanting to publish might be, make sure they fit into one of these categories: personal development or professional advancement.

Are you an Equiprenuer using the article to raise awareness of your business or a new service you've launched? Perhaps you want to position yourself as an expert in a particular field? Getting published is a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

Your aim might be to become a paid writer, and so you're looking to hone your skills or establish a portfolio of work. For this guide, we're going to assume that you are not aiming to become a professional writer but wish to raise awareness of your business or to be seen as the go-to person for something


How Does Getting Published help your goals?


Getting published gives you the opportunity to be seen as an expert in your field. When people see that you're a recognized voice, they will want what you have and are more likely to buy or invest in you. This is also known as building authority.

Getting published can help you reach a wider audience and get more people interested in what you offer - which is why it's often used as part of the content marketing strategy for companies with smaller budgets. This also works well if you want to increase sales on your own website because readers may buy something from there after reading about it somewhere else first.


7 Steps To Get Published


Find the Right Magazine

The first thing you should do is find the right magazine for your work. To be more specific, make sure that this publication might want to publish or at least cover what you're working on - and then pitch them an idea in a couple of paragraphs.

Do Your Research

Along with finding out if they would like to cover your topic and writing up a great pitch letter (that's not too long), research some recent articles from their website so that you can tell which areas are currently trending there. This will also give you ideas about how best to approach them because magazines often have different content needs than other publications.

Pitch Your Idea to the Editor

If the magazine is open to your topic and you're sure it's a good fit, then send them an email with a couple of paragraphs about what you want to write about. If they are not interested in this idea or ask for something different, don't be afraid to continue pitching other ideas until they catch their attention!

What Do I Write?

If you're asking how to get published in a magazine, it's probably because there's an idea that you feel very passionate about. You should do everything possible to convey this passion through your pitch letter and proposal if the editor is interested enough - so they can't help but think,

"Wow! I need to find out more". An Editors job is to find articles and authors that they feel will benefit their readers. If you make that easy for them, you'll be BFFs!

Write your best work

This is the step where many writers get stage fright and never submit an article. Don't Panic - just start writing, get something down, anything! Once you get started you'll find the ideas start flowing, and they'll be no stopping you.

Stop Writing and Start Editing

The trick to writing an excellent article is editing. You need to make time for this step, no matter what the content length of your work may be. Editing will help you find errors and typos that can completely change the meaning of your article - it's worth taking the time upfront before submission, so you don't have any regrets later!

Remember your editor BFF? When they gave you a word count, they meant it. If you have written 2,000 words and they only asked for 1,000 splits the article into 2 - you now have an article series. Nice!

Call to Action

If you are writing an editorial, you can't finish with a sales pitch, but you can inspire your readers to take action. You could ask them to try what you have been telling them about, i.e. a riding exercise, and ask them to tell you how they got on. Make sure you include a great bio about yourself, a picture and contact details.


Final thoughts 


Don't be the writer that submits hours before the deadline and keeps the editor up until midnight trying to meet the print deadline.

Do read these related articles to help you craft a great headline and call to action.

Remember, the editor is there to help you. If you get stuck, reach out and ask for help, they will be glad to run through ideas to get you back on track.

I hope these 7 steps have inspired you to get started on your way to publishing a successful article. If you are an expert in horsemanship or western riding, we encourage you to submit articles and be part of Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK! We want to hear from all perspectives and those who might not have written before but would like their voice heard.

Our editors will work with you through the process and provide feedback for any revisions--it's easy and worth it! Please reach out if this interests you at [email protected] so we can get started.