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For any equestrian, the transportation of horses is one of those subjects that comes to focus at one point or another. Most horse owners and sports enthusiasts have to transport their horses at least once in their lifetime. A person who is a casual horse transporter or needs to transport their horses only once or twice would find a horsebox or horse trailer rental more suitable for their purposes.


People who have to regularly transport their horses across the UK would need a more reliable and accessible mode of transportation. Be it a horse sports event, an adventure event, or transportation for other purposes, any horse owner transporting their horses regularly would want a transportation medium of their own.


Several questions come to the mind of horse owners when it comes to buying horse trailers. In this article, we have covered every aspect of buying a horse trailer in the UK. From the cost of buying a horse trailer in the United Kingdom to knowing if it’s worth buying a trailer, this is a complete guide that every horse owner must read before getting a horse trailer for themselves.


Should You Buy A Horse Trailer At All?

The first thing that any horse owner would want to weigh out is the pros and cons of owning a horse trailer. The pros of owning a horse trailer weigh out the cons, which are almost non-existent. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of owning a horse trailer in the UK. 




  • Horse trailers are extremely cost-effective, pretty affordable, and also sustainable and economical in the long run. Horse trailers are quite easy to maintain with most trailers advised to be serviced only once a year. 


  • The insurance of horse trailers is also quite inexpensive and lots of horse insurance companies even allow you to add your horse trailer to your existing horse insurance at around just £10 per month.


  • With customized horse trailers from a reputed brand, your horses can travel comfortably without any complications and hassles, no matter which part of the country you are traveling to or how many times you need to transport your horses. 


  • You can transport as many horses as you need with appropriate trailers from a reputed brand. You can also tag along your housekeepers or staff at low costs with affordable horse trailers. Considering the cost of a horse trailer with living quarter by Double D Trailer, one of the best horse trailer brands globally, it is evident that horse transportation is way more affordable and convenient if you own such horse trailers.




  • The only probable disadvantage or downside of owning a horse trailer is the fact that you will need a separate license to tow a horse trailer. This will require you to take a separate course and also take a test to acquire the necessary driving license in the UK. 


Weighing out the pros and cons of owning a horse trailer in the UK, it is evident that if you are a horse owner who needs to transport their horses regularly, then you need to get a horse trailer for yourself. And as far as getting the license goes, it is a one-time process, just like getting your regular driving license, and is quite easy and quick to acquire as well.


The Costs Of Buying A Horse Trailer In The UK

If you finally decide to buy a horse trailer, then your next important concern would be knowing about the costs of horse trailers. Trailers in the UK are relatively affordable to buy and it is better to buy a brand-new trailer than a used horse trailer. This is because it is more cost effective and will offer better value for your money along with a longer life and a better horse transportation experience.


Brand-new horse trailers in the UK have an average cost of between £3000 and £12,000. There are even costlier horse trailer models from different brands available in the country. On the other hand, used or second-hand horse trailers can be bought for as little as £1000. Although, there are some disadvantages to buying a second-hand horse trailer.


This is why owning a new horse trailer is the most sustainable and cost-effective decision. Let us now take a look at some of the best horse trailers in the UK and how much you will have to spend to own one of them. 


Horse Trailers With Living Quarters By Double D Trailers



A world-renowned brand offering some of the best horse trailers out there, Double D Trailers is the first and indeed the best name on this list. Along with completely customized horse trailers with living quarters that are tailored to your needs, they offer gooseneck and bumper pull horse trailers with dressing rooms as well. In terms of the cost of Double D Trailers horse trailers and the value for money they offer, they are indeed the best choice available at extremely pocket-friendly prices.


Both in terms of quality, comfort, and convenience, they are one of the best brands offering a wide range of customisations. Not just that, you also get door-to-door delivery as well as a nationwide warranty and service program, and a money-back guarantee. The key features that make their horse trailers stand out are: 


  • The living quarters get a range of customisable features which include: 

    • Cooking area

    • Dining area

    • Cowgirl shower

    • Toilet 

    • AC

    • Refrigerator 

    • Sleeping area


Maximum safety of your horses is ensured by a proven design and superior quality of construction along with all necessary safety equipment. Along with that, you also get maximum convenience and comfort with great usability. The trailers are long-lasting and come at quite reasonable prices. 


Bateson Deauville by Bateson Trailers



Price: £ 4,980


An excellent choice for a horse trailer, this one comes with American-style doors on the back and a short, pull-out ramp or a standard rear ramp option as well as a front unload ramp on the left side of the trailer. The trailer also comes with a low floor height that enables great towing stability. 


The floor of this specific trailer from Bateson Trailers is made with a combination of rot-proof, galvanized steel and plastic. It gets thick, removable rubber mats for added protection to the flooring and the standard equipment on the trailer includes a spare wheel, a saddle rack, and cover, as well as a centrally hinged division along with a hitch lock. The gross weight of this horse-carrier box is 2,300 kg, and it can carry two horses at a time.


Cheval Liberte Touring One By Cheval Trailers




Price: £5,130


This is one of the better single-horse trailers that you can find and buy in the UK. The biggest advantage of this bike is the Pullman suspension system. It offers a smooth ride and a comfortable journey for your horse.


The roof and front of this trailer are aerodynamically designed. The sides and the floor are constructed with aluminum planks, and the ramps get anti-slip rubber matting. They are lightweight, durable, and spacious, and come with four sliding windows to ensure ample light and ventilation. The trailer weighs around 1,600kgs and can carry one horse. 


Nugent Spirit 25 by Nugent Engineering 




Price: £7,808


Another well-designed and very comfortable horse trailer, this one has a specialised suspension system that offers a seamless travel experience for your horses. The self-retracting jockey wheel with a locking head enables effortless unhitching. The trailer comes with aluminium flooring that gets 10mm easily removable rubber matting. 


The air vents come with internal directional control and offer a constant supply of fresh air inside the trailer. A great feature of the trailer is that it gets a low-level internal light switch that can be operated from outside the trailer. The trailer weighs around 2,700kg and can carry 2 horses. 


Show-Treka M by Equi-Trek




Price: Starting from £10,438


This horse trailer comes with partitions that are fully adjustable and also feature a collapsible, padded breast bar. One of the most versatile trailers on this list, this side-loading trailer also gets overnight living accommodation, making it ideal for weekend trips. 


The living area of this trailer comes with a wardrobe, storage, a bench seat that can be turned into bunk beds, an external tack locker, and a fully fitted kitchen. The aluminium plank floor is covered by slip-resistant rubber for safety and convenience. The trailer has a gross weight of 2,600 kg and can carry 2 horses.


Eventa M by Ifor Williams Trailers




Prices: Staring from £20,016


Another quality product on this list, this horse trailer is comfortable, safe, and quite luxurious as well. The concealed spring ramp on this enables easy lifting, and it also comes with a cast coupling that offers added strength and robustness. The trailer gets aluminium flooring covered with 12mm rubber matting ensuring a safe and non-slip surface with exceptional vibration absorption. 


The living accommodation is quite luxurious and an external access tack locker and ramp side gates ensure seamless and safe loading. Slightly on the heavier side, this one weighs around 3,500 kg and can carry 2 horses.


Night-Treka by Equi-Trek




Price: Starting from £15000


This horse trailer can carry two horses up to 18 hands high and comes with a living area for two people. The living area is quite luxurious and gets bunk beds, a fully furnished kitchen unit along with a hob-sink/wash basin. It also gets a Horse Shower that comes with a pre-fitted electric water supply and many other convenient features.


Amongst the key features in this very spacious and luxurious horse trailer are a window in the groom's door, an extra vent window, a rotary ventilator on the roof, a locker with 2 saddle & bridle racks, and a groom's locker with a shelf. The horse trailer also gets a padded  partition and a 70-Liter tank for water supply, a leisure battery with 7 pin connection for recharging


The above trailer which has been regularly serviced and maintained has just had a full service and overhaul by ourselves and the side loading ramp was serviced and recovered with brand-new rubber. This trailer has always been well cared for by its previous owner who bought it from us - if purchased today would cost more than.


Final Thoughts 

That brings us to the end of this list. In this article, you have come across the best horse trailers in the UK market and also a complete guide on their costs and features. You have already come across varying models from different top brands in the market. In terms of that, if you had to make a choice, you will have to weigh out the features and benefits of a particular model and your horse transportation needs. 


If it came to making one special recommendation from our end, both in terms of the features, overall package, and the cost of a horse trailer with living quarters, Double D Trailers is the best choice you can make. From affordable prices to extensive customization options, you get a value-for-money package tailored to your personal needs and preferences.