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Zoë Coade is the founder and owner of Get Good with Horses Courses & Academy | See page  4 for her latest article

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Joe Midgley on building foundations for success in young horses. Joe’s article takes us through both the mindset and movements that Joe looks for in order to prepare a horse for a successful, happy career.

In this issue, we focus on emerging from winter and look forward to all the things we can do with our horses in warmer weather and longer days. If you are a competitive rider, we have lots of great resources for you in Western Horse UK.


Must Read Articles

Kimberly Dunn shares her tips for a successful show season, and Sarah Pawsey shares her journey from dressage rider to National Barrel Horse Association Open Category Winner. We also have everything you need to prepare for show season, our guide to clothing, the Ultimate Western Riding Show Checklist, and our Journal template for setting and checking in on your 2023 goals. You can find all of these on our website so that you can download them.

For those working with young horses, Joe Midgley provides detailed insight into his work starting horses and explains the importance of laying that groundwork. 

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Ben Longwell asks 'how much is too much exposure?’ - allowing your horse to get used to an experience doesn't mean you have to overexpose them to it. 

In Horsemanship Journal we focus on getting out and about and trying new things. Ross Cooper explains the basics of horse agility and why it's such a popular and accessible discipline for anyone and everyone. Plus, our Hacking tips to keep both you and your horse safe.

Zoe Coade discusses the pros and cons of riding with a bit, riding bitless, and riding bridleless. The Think Like a Pony way demonstrates how looking through your pony's eyes can only take you from strength to strength. Sue Palmer begins a new series looking at how to keep your horse sound, and Helen O'Hanlon looks at the barriers to learning that may limit our progress.

What is A Social Licence To Operate? Social license is increasingly important in horse sport and leisure - Kate Wensley finds out why in this issue's Big Think'.

We're also delighted to bring you an article from Mark Langley that helps us understand anxiety in horses so that they become open to reconnecting with their owners in a more trusting and positive way. We'll also be interviewing Mark on our podcast, and we have two tickets to giveaway to his UK demonstration in May.

We're sure that this issue of Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK will help you reach your 2023 show season goals and beyond! We look forward to seeing you out there with your horse, competing, hacking, or just having fun. Remember, it's all about building trust between you and your horse. Good luck!