Motivation in Training

By Phillippa Christie

Motivation in Training

Have you ever started a new training method with your horse and found that initial spark of communication has petered out? In October's magazine, Phillippa Christie helps us find our way through these sticking points. In this follow on article Phillippa provides some helpful case studies.


So, all the science sounds great and maybe a bit technical, but what does it look like in reality when we apply it? Here are a few scenarios you may relate to. Names have been changed, but these are real-life client examples.


Sherri loves to jump her OTTB Dillan, but Dillan has been building up a habit of running out of fences. All the pain checks have been made, and his tack is fitting him well. I ask Sherri to warm up and show me some jumps. I notice on approach to every jump that Sherri uses a lot of leg pressure and sometimes Dillan jumps and other times he runs out. Sherri tells me her jumping coach encourages her to put her leg on coming up to every jump.

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