Moving Forward in Western Pleasure

By Tom Chown

Moving Forward in Western Pleasure

Give your western pleasure horse a leg to stand on, says Tom Chown.

In today’s western pleasure, it is a sad fact that many horses are trained and shown with little regard for natural movement. They are forced to move uncomfortably causing them to appear laboured or lame. While we do have many great horse trainers that are doing an excellent job, and some amazing horses that look comfortable and happy doing theirs, there are many more that don’t.

The only way any positive change can come is through knowledge, and I want to share with you my ideas of good, natural movement.

Try to put a silhouette of a great horse moving around in the front your mind. Compare this to the ones that you see in the show pen today. That can be a problem if you have never seen a great horse move; you have no frame of reference, nothing to compare the ‘bad’ ones too. So the bad ones end up looking good, especially after they have placed or even won the class!


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