Western Horse UK August Front Cover

Our training articles in this issue are brought to you by Ben Longwell looking at 'horsemanship through stockmanship', and Al Dunning inspires greatness in our riding. Crissi McDonald helps us with ideas to consider when switching from a 'more is more' mindset to a 'less is more' mindset.


Essential reading for horse owners in Ask the Vet this month as Nikki Pursey MA VetMB CertAVP(ESM) MRCVS explores 'Common Dental Disorders'.


We asked readers to tell us about the clubs and societies they run to support the UK western riding community; in this issue, we learn about the 'Happy Hoofins' club. If you would like us to feature your club or society, do send us a message.


For those just getting into western riding, either as a first-time rider or switching from another discipline, we bring you the first in our Western Riding 101 series GUIDE TO WESTERN SADDLES: Parts of a Western Saddle.


FRONT COVER: Alan Payne, Courtesy of Luxcompany GmbH. Showing Post Lockdown: Alan Payne talks to Kate McLaughlin about considering some things before hitting the show pen.


Just Your Average UK Cowgirl. Bella Barr regales us with her adventures during her 'year off' as a working cowgirl.


Tenets of Horsemanship Brandon McAuslan takes us through the philosophy of horsemanship.


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Cover stories

10. Crissi McDonald - Do Less. 14. Al Dunning - Inspired Training. 18. Alan Payne - Western Showing post-Lockdown.





6. Ask the Vet - Dental Issues. 8. Ben LongwellSetting them up and letting them find it. 12. Business MapThe only western business directory. 22. Julie Goodnight - Back from the Brink. 26. Brandon McAuslan - Tenets of Horsemanship




16. Western Riding 101 - Western saddles. 24. Bella BarJust your average British Cowgirl.