We are into the final leg of 2020, and it seems we are going to have to dig deep, as we face the gloomy weather (though I do love a crisp winter's day - it's the damp, muddy ones that get me down) and the ever-changing COVID rules.

western-horse-uk-october-2020I know many of you have been able to get out to clinics and lessons over the summer, and I hope this continues over winter. If the rules change, then I know our small western community will still find ways to support trainers, coaches and other western businesses, as you did earlier in the year.

On the subject of clinics and lessons, Al Dunning wants you to get the most out of clinics, and sets you up for success in his article on page 22. Bella Barr explains how being a spectator rather than a rider can have significant benefits in terms of what you can observe and learn, page 16.

Also, in this issue, our trainers have lots of tips and exercises to keep you busy over winter. Ben Longwell ups the game, as he moves on from the basics covered in the last two issues onto the more challenging counter arc. Joel Conner asks us to consider our self-awareness and the effect on our horses in his thought-provoking article.

Don't forget to check out the Christmas Gift guide on page 24 - it’s definitely not too early to start your Christmas shopping.

Take care


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📸Front Cover Photo: Amberley Synder | Photo credit: Brown Ohana Photography


Cover stories

10. Joel Conner

Self-Awareness is paramount in becoming a horseman western-horse-uk-october-2020

16. Bella Barr

Watch and Learn

 24. Christmas Gift Guide



8. Ask the Vet

A Guide to Winter Health

12. Ben Longwell - True West Horsemanship

Beyond the Basics

18. Brandon McAuslan

Sight, Sound & Touch part II

22. Al Dunning

Making Clinics a Positive Experience

34. Business Map

The only western business directory

36. Julie Goodnight

Making of a Trail Horse

38. Sally Heron

United Kingdom Barrel Racing Association

23. Carole Herder

Luna’s Story

36. Barbra Schulte

Simple Conditioning



6. Amberley Snyder

Walk. Ride. Rodeo

30. Freddy Steele

Horsemanship in some Unexpected Places