Jane Hedge - From Horse Mad Childhood to Horsemanship Advocate

Jane Hedge riding a white horse

Discover the captivating journey of Jane Hedge, whose deep-rooted love for horses was nurtured by her horse-mad parents. From sitting on a horse at just six months old to owning her own pony at five, Jane's upbringing in a traditional equestrian environment set the stage for her lifelong fascination with horses.

It was in 2007 that she stumbled upon Buck Brannaman and his groundbreaking horsemanship approach, igniting a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Jane's quest led her to learn directly from Buck himself in the USA, attend clinics with esteemed students like Joel Conner and Ricky Quinn, and even host clinics in Ireland. With professional experience in the horse industry, a background in Equine Science, and her current role as an Equine Physiotherapist, Jane wholeheartedly believes that good horsemanship is the key to success with horses. 


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