Fit Horse Fit Rider

£395.00 12 Sections 1 Lessons

Course Description

12 Weeks to Better Horse and Rider Partnerships


Are you and your horse ready to level up your partnership?


Being physically fit as individuals means you can work together seamlessly as a team. Two strong parts add up to an even greater whole, and means you can reach those 2021 riding goals!

Zoe & Seonaidh have worked together over the past 2 years to bring realistic, effective programmes to horse and rider partnerships, so you both get the work in without burning out. This approach allows you both to level up and progress together - you are a partnership after all.

The best thing about this series is that there is no minimum experience or fitness requirement. As long as you and your horse are happy, healthy and safe, Zoe and Seonaidh will be happy to welcome you into Fit Horse, Fit Rider.

The Fit Horse Fit Rider is an online course with 12 hours of video, designed to help horse owners improve their riding while getting healthier.

Course Content

Warming Up Your Horse

Warming Up Your Horse