Need more customers for your equine business?

You’ve got the miracle product. Clients love your exemplary service. You’ve happy customers everywhere.

Sound familiar?

But if you’re not reaching new customers in your marketing, fresh enquiries and sales are going to be slowly trickling in like water out of a frozen tap in winter.

But they could be pouring in like rain through the hole in the roof and flooding your order forms!

We have wonderful regular readers and new members to our online barn all the time, and they’re all equestrians.


With an advert in the Horsemanship Journal, you can get right to the stable door of your ideal client.


Why a magazine advert?

We read magazines cover to cover, page to page. We don’t scroll or skim like we do a screen.

Words, colours and images jump out of the page and into our poor overworked and ‘screen-sore’ eyes and brains.

This super-sensory reading experience improves memory. Excellent for when you want people to remember your advert!


And magazines are often shared with others or left in places for other readers to eagerly devour the pages. Even more opportunities to get your business seen.


Support and Marketing for Your Equine Business

3 for the price of 1

That’s what you get when you advertise with us.

That’s right!

You get a tailor-made advert in our popular Horsemanship Journal AND a listing on our website COMPLETELY FREE.

You’ll feature on our online horsemanship map PLUS show up in the category that best describes what you offer – putting you EXACTLY where your customers will see you.


If you book before July 31st you'll also have access to the Stable Foundation Hub, with the tools you need for business success, including:

  • Access to an inner circle Facebook group where you can connect with other business owners for support and accountability.
  • Monthly Live Coaching Q & A’s with the Jenni Bush - Online Business Consultant and Coach.
  • Step By Step Training, Tools, Templates.

It couldn’t be easier to get more eyes on your business



Decide which monthly plan works for you



Enter your details so we can create your listing



Reach more clients and get more sales

Get straight to your ideal customers

With an advert in a magazine whose target destination is the molasses-covered hands of horse lovers and pony-owners, you can be like a pony who’s lost its rider and is heading for home.

Shortcut across the arena, jump the muckheap and trample the flower beds. Take the direct route straight into the laps of your customers!

Snub being social on social media and forget figuring out Facebook ads.


Let your ideal customers see you in the place they’re already looking.


Small budget, big audience

You won’t be shying away when you find out what the investment is for one of our advertising packages.

We offer price packages to suit you and your budget, and you can even take over a whole, a half, or a quarter page in our magazine, for less than a bag of pony nuts.

That’s a huge opportunity to pirouette in front of your customers and halt them in their tracks.

Talking about customers, we have over 1000 who get our magazine delivered right to their door, and many, many more who check out our website, with the numbers growing all the time.

Can you afford NOT to join us and get in front of your ideal audience, today?



If you’re reading this, so are your customers. Land in their lap by advertising with the Horsemanship Journal.

Available packages

£17 monthly


Categorised listing on our digital map available online to EVERYONE, and an ad on the map in our magazine sent quarterly to our subscribers.

£45 Monthly


A categorised listing on our digital map available online to everyone, PLUS an ad on the map in our magazine sent quarterly to our subscribers. PLUS a quarter page advert.

£65 monthly


A categorised listing on our digital map available online to everyone, PLUS an ad on the map in our magazine sent quarterly to our subscribers. PLUS a half page advert.

What you get when you choose to advertise with us

✔️ A categorised listing on our digital map available online to EVERYONE

✔️ An ad on the map in our magazine sent quarterly to our subscribers

✔️ The option to add a quarter, half, or full-page advert in our magazine

✔️ An in-house designer is available to create your on-the-page advert

✔️ Thousands of fresh eyes seeing your biz info and contact details


And! A valuable backlink to your biz website which tells Google you’re worth featuring higher in online searches.


And that’s not all

Want an on-the-page spread in the Horsemanship Journal but not good at designing?

That’s ok, we can do that for you. Simply fill in your details on our online form and we can create a beautiful advert for you.

With the option to add eye-catching and memorable box adverts covering quarter, half, or even take over the whole page, you really do have the opportunity to do what works best for you, your business and your budget.

So are you ready?

If you’re wondering whether now is a good time to be advertising your business, answer this. If not now, then when?

The perfect time to advertise your equine business is today.

The sooner you put yourself in front of customers and show them what you’ve got, the quicker you’ll find them beating down your door. In a nice way, of course.



Frequently asked questions


Is a Horsemanship Journal directory listing right for my equine brand?

Yes! Our readers and website visitors can search our directory by business type to find the precise equestrian business they’re looking for, such as tack or clothing or feed.

If they are looking for local businesses, such as nearby livery yards or farriers or instructors, they can go straight to the map to find your business.

What is an on-the-page ad?

On-the-page adverts, also known as display ads, rely more on using engaging images to entice customers and are less text-heavy than other types of ads. They should still contain a headline, a subheading and a solid call to action. Display adverts are great for brand awareness (images and photos are readily remembered!)

We offer you the option of a quarter, half or full-page display ad in the Horsemanship Journal magazine (our Jog, Lope and Gallop packages).

What is an advertorial?

Advertorials provide interesting content for their target audience and typically cover a full page of around 700 words. These ads allow the advertiser to tell a story or describe the unique features of their offering in more detail; the feature should also include great design and strong images. While the style may look like a regular magazine article, it’s labelled to let readers know that it’s paid content. In the Horsemanship Journal, we label these as ‘Business Focus’.

Can I design my advert?

While we recommend that you use a graphic designer for your artwork, anyone can create an advert with a little artistic skill. There are some great tools around now to make it easy, for example, Canva. Your display advert is an important part of your marketing strategy so be sure to use your brand colours, fonts and logos and include hi-resolution pictures. Check the dimensions that we need and follow our technical requirements.

What are classified ads?

Classified pages are some of the most affordable options for advertising in magazines, perfect for small business owners. Each classified ad should include a short description of the product or service and the contact details. Classifieds are most effective when placed in a publication with the right audience and with creatively designed pages for maximum effect; they don’t have to be pages of plain text.

The Horsemanship Journal classifieds are our attractive business directory; a double-page spread with a large map and placed centrally in the magazine, not at the back.

Which style of advert in the Horsemanship Journal should I choose?

A directory advert (our Walk package) is excellent for any UK business; the cost is low and includes an on-the-page presence plus a listing on our website.

On-the-page adverts are ideal for businesses to create brand or product awareness with impactful designs. (Choose from our Jog, Lope or Gallop packages.) Our on-the-page advertising plans include a magazine and online directory listing.

If you are launching a new business or have a technical product, then you can use your on-the-page advert as an advertorial, allowing you to use more text to describe your business or product. We only recommend advertorials for half or full-page spaces (our Lope or Gallop packages).

What are the dimensions for a magazine advert?

Follow this guide (share it with your graphic designer) to ensure your adverts are designed correctly to look amazing when printed.

Artwork Guide