Our directory can help you find natural horsemanship trainers in your area that are great with various horses and people.

All of the trainers in our directory use principles of psychology and equine behaviour together with years of experience to help you and your horse achieve a better partnership.


If you are looking for a natural horsemanship trainer near you (sometimes referred to as 'horse whisperers'), you can use the map pins to find the closest horse professional.


If you are looking to solve a particular horse behaviour problem, such as a horse that won't stand still for the farrier, a horse that won't load or a horse that spooks while hacking, use the tags to identify the horsemanship trainer best able to help resolve those issues.


Perhaps you know that you need help with your horse due to confidence or want to use horsemanship and mindfulness techniques to improve your enjoyment of horse riding or groundwork; use the tags to find the right coach.


We also have a list of high-quality tack retailers who specialise in everything from saddles to rope halters.

• Find a natural horsemanship trainer near you.

• Find tack and clothing that you'll love.

• Find the best tack for your needs with our directory of retailers.

• Save time and hassle by finding what you need quickly.


The Horsemanship Journal business directory is for UK horsemanship trainers, tack and clothing.


The Horsemanship Journal Directory is a directory, not an online store. So you'll need to contact each retailer for pricing information or other details about their products and services. 


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