2020 | February


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The February issue of Western Horse UK and Horsemanship Journal is packed full of informative training articles, lifestyle features and community news.

Horsemanship Journal Jan Feb 2020 Western Horse UK Jan Feb 2020

HJ Welcome  
Hello and welcome to the February issue of Horsemanship Journal. 
Now that we are all in the swing of 2020, this issue has an abundance of horsemanship goodness for
you to get your teeth into.

Winter is almost over, and Ross Cooper is here to help you through the final stretch with some
helpful training insights to see you through to warmer climes.

Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson need little introduction, and HJ was fortunate enough to speak with
them both during their UK clinic late last year – flip to page 8 to read our exclusive interview.

We are lucky to have, the one and only Linda Parelli, join us as a regular author! Not one to shy from
the topics that matter, Linda dives straight into the conversation surrounding learned helplessness.
Liberty is the name of the game, as both Bev Walton and Rebecca Harris discuss how training this
way can create an amazing partnership. Speaking of which, we also have ‘The Perfect Partnership’
duo Matt and Richard, explaining how they can help you and your horse communicate more

Archie and I are out and about - and vlogging it! Be sure to watch #archiesadventures in print and

Happy Trails, 

WH Welcome

Well, I think this has been the muddiest winter for a long time, I'm sure we have all had enough of
tramping through boggy gateways and washing horse’s legs (or brushing it off once dried). As you
read this, I hope you are somewhere comfy, warm and dry and can take some time out to enjoy our
February articles.

We benefit from Al Dunning's 50-year career with the first in a new series of articles called ‘Making
of a Champion’. Ben Longwell breaks down why the correct training and handling, when it comes to
our horse's feet, is essential for their education, and our safety. Joe Midgley explains why
understanding reach is key to your horse's education.

In other news, I am excited to be working on ‘Horsemanship Hour Live’. Horsemanship Hour Live is a
free online event that you can watch from the comfort of your sofa. Each episode will cover a
different topic, with expert guests. Our first episode is on the 15th of April, and my first guest is
Phillipa Christie, discussing - Anatomy: implications of the industry on equine development and

I have lots of exciting guests lined up for the whole of 2020. Make sure you don't miss any
announcements by joining the Horsemanship Hour Live community here: