2019 | October


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Our special issue for Horsemanship Showcase featuring articles and interviews from the stars of the show and a program to accompany the event.

Horsemanship Journal October 2019 Western Horse UK October 2019

Hello and welcome to the October issue of Horsemanship Journal.

The air now has a distinct chill, but we will chase away your winter blues as we burst at the seams with our Horsemanship Showcase special!

On the 23rd of November 2019, Organised Equestrian duo, Larisa and Nicole, are bringing you a day filled with inspirational horsemanship that you will be sure to remember. Combined with fun, education, and a healthy dose of shopping in time for Christmas.

As media partner to Horsemanship Showcase, in this special issue, we bring you articles and interviews from the stars of the show and a program to accompany the event. We find out more about the enigma that is Ben Atkinson, and how he develops the relationship with his equine team. Olivia Towers talks more about her personal journey and reveals what she has in store for us at the Showcase. Alison & David Zuend, along with Sue Edwards, look at how the world of competition and horsemanship can be bridged, and how in doing so equals success for all.

Jason Webb will be demonstrating what it takes to retrain an ex-racehorse, and how rewarding it can be for the horse and you. Parelli Professional and Savvy Team demonstrator Claire Burgess speaks with us about confidence and how she dealt with this first-hand and the impact it has had upon her and her horses. Debbie Sneddon advocates correct biomechanics to aid your horse’s rehabilitation from lameness.

We will, of course, be there too with bells on - do come and say hello to the team!

Hello and welcome to the October issue of Western Horse UK.

First things first, many thanks to Nicole Sherwood for the cuteness overload on this issue’s front cover. This lovely image was taken at the WES Nationals, and is of Nicole's son Levi and her horse MoneyPit. We love receiving pictures from our readers, so if you have a photo you'd like to see on the cover, please do email them in. Images do need to be portrait, and at least 300dpi (most digital cameras will take 300dpi, most phone cameras will not - unless you change the settings), and most importantly you must own the picture or have permission to use it.

As some of you may have spotted, we now have an exclusive area on our website for subscribers. All you have to do is request access. We are regularly adding content to the members' area, as well as member discounts and a classifieds section; to accompany this issue, you will find Joe Midgley's training video for his article on page 10.

We know it feels like summer has only just faded but it is October, so time to start thinking about the festive season! Check out our Christmas Gift guide on page 14.

There’s a lot to read in this issue, so make a cuppa and take some time to enjoy!