2020 | August

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Have you worked cows before on horseback? Read all about how our editor Kate got on! 

Some great training articles from our regulars Linda Parelli, Hanna Walton, and Ross Cooper plus Warwick Schiller on listening to your horse and if that wasn't enough we would like to now also introduce the wonderful writing of Crissi McDonald.

Horsemanship Journal Aug 2020 Western Horse UK Aug 2020

Welcome to the August issue of Horsemanship Journal.

Who can believe we are heading towards the end of summer already? I am sure like me you are making the most of what sunny days we have left and saddling up as much as you can. I hope you get to enjoy time with your horse this month, and make time to sit down with a cuppa and enjoy all our amazing articles. 

Regular author Linda Parelli teaches us how to deal with oncoming horses, and Hanna Walton looks at the restarting process in the second of her two-part series. Mindfulness is the name of the game with both Ross Cooper and Helen O’Hanlon bringing us information on this approach, whilst Justin Colquhoun encourages us to just ‘let go!’

The wonderful Crissi McDonald shares how her horse Caleb taught her more than expected, and we learn all about Zoopharmacognosy with Carly Hillier of Whitethorn Equine Health.

Stay safe and happy trails!


Hello and welcome to the August issue.

As I write, the UK (most of it) is enjoying sunny 30+ weather or if you're like me, sweltering in the heat and hiding in any shade that can be found. Hopefully, horses, humans, dogs and any other fur babies you may have, are all finding ways to keep cool even if that means mucking out in the middle of the night!

In this issue, we are delighted to have renowned horseman Warwick Schiller writing for us, he shares with us how listening to our horses can change the game when it comes to developing our horses.

We also explore the benefits of giving your horse a 'job' to do, Alessia Pagani talks to us about how giving your horse a task to do can help you both learn so much more. Kate and Archie put this into practice by working cows with Guy Robertson.

Ben Longwell also continues his theme of keeping things interesting in the final instalment of his two-part series, by helping us add some variety into groundwork sessions.

Over the next few issues, Brandon McAuslan talks to us about horses visual, auditory, and tactile responses in relation to how they perceive the world and how we should use this information to best interact with them.

As aspiring horsemen and horsewomen, it is important that we know how horses perceive the world so that we may relate and sympathise with them better, as well as use this knowledge to train them more effectively and humanely.

Inspired by a lively Facebook discussion, Nathan Haynes offers us his expertise with practical tips to help us take better pictures of our horses, either as sales pictures (the topic of the debate) or to just have great images for ourselves.