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Western Riding 101
£0.00 2 Sections 6 Lessons

So you are western riding curious, you want to learn more so that you can start a new way of being with your horse, a partnership, with new skills and challenges and rewards.

But western isn't a big thing in the UK. You don't know the lingo; you don't know the techniques or disciplines. And... they even have different names for the gaits, not to mention the tack and equipment. 

Don't worry; we created these guides to help get you started. Each module covers a different topic, everything from tack and equipment to the different classes and, of course, the gaits. Most importantly, some helpful signposts for your western riding journey.

Rather than bombard you with everything at once, we'll make the next module available each week and let you know by email. That gives you time to read and digest each topic and, if you like, explore the additional resources.

These resources are entirely free; sign up today and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of western riding.

Our signposts to western trainers, coaches and breeders will stop you spinning (unless that was your ambition), and you'll be part of the community faster than a Barrel Racer.