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At Horsemanship Journal, we understand the natural horsemanship movement's joys and hurdles. That's why we've created a hub where curiosity meets solutions - blending traditional wisdom with a science-led perspective. 


Our primary goal is to equip you with exclusive insights from top experts in the field. Whether you're a horse owner, rider, enthusiast of groundwork, or supporter of non-ridden horsemanship, we unite innovative trainers, proponents of natural horsemanship, and equine specialists to offer a comprehensive perspective on equine welfare and education.


Picture a vast online repository housing exclusive articles meticulously crafted to cater to your specific needs. Envision a docuseries that delivers firsthand expertise directly to your screen and engaging podcasts where our editors delve deep into the intricacies of horse care and training.


Come be a part of Horsemanship Journal, where your curiosity meets insightful answers and where your devotion to horses paves the way to discover the expertise you crave.

Exclusive Articles


Gain Insider Knowledge and Expert Tips Straight from the Horse's Mouth! Delve into a treasure trove of exclusive articles penned by equestrian professionals, unlocking valuable insights and strategies to enhance your horsemanship skills and deepen your bond with your equine companion.



Explore the depths of equine ethology as we take you on a visual adventure through the vibrant world of horses. Get ready to be inspired by heartwarming stories and revolutionary advancements that will shape our equestrian community.


Tune In to Engaging Podcasts for On-the-Go Inspiration and Education! Whether you're at the barn, on a trail ride, or relaxing at home, our captivating podcasts offer a wealth of horsemanship wisdom, uplifting stories, and practical tips from industry experts, empowering you to grow as a rider and deepen your understanding of horses in a convenient and accessible format.


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Connecting You

to Equestrian Thought Leaders

Enhance your horsemanship skills by tapping into the expertise of our carefully selected equestrian professionals, trainers, coaches, and thought leaders. Our team of contributors offers a wealth of knowledge, encompassing innovative training methodologies, cutting-edge horse care practices, and firsthand experiences, all tailored to elevate your horsemanship prowess.

Bernd Hackl, a renowned German horseman with over 30 years of experience, has forged his unique approach to western horsemanship, blending influences from notable mentors with a philosophy centered on fairness and foundational training across all breeds and styles.

Zoë Coade, the founder of Get Good with Horses Courses & Academy and author of award-winning equestrian literature, offers an extensive background in horse psychology, behaviour, various training methods, and riding disciplines, showcasing a holistic approach to equine mastery.

Andrea Wady, an Equine relationship specialist known for her pioneering work in liberty training and deep equestrian connections, authored the acclaimed "Crossing Bridges," which was celebrated at the Equus Film and Arts Festival.

Ross Cooper integrates behavioral science with intuitive horsemanship to enhance ethical interaction and communication between horse and rider, offering a comprehensive range of training and coaching across disciplines from his base in Derbyshire.

Hannah Jones MMCP is the UK's first Mind, Body and Spirit Horse Healer of her kind. She helps horses to reconnect for complete health, happiness and performance. She loves working with horses holistically to resolve the root cause of their issue.

Tash Daszykowski is based in The New Forest, UK. Her unique training style combines her academic degree in equestrian psychology with natural horsemanship, English and Western disciplines and a deep love for the horse. 
Her ethos is to create the best possible experience for the horse.

Empowering Your Equine Journey


Tired of feeling like you're navigating the realm of equine behaviour alone?


Are you seeking a diverse range of methodologies rather than being tied to just one as you seek the best practices that resonate with you and your horse?


Does traditional horse training leave you with more questions than answers?


Traditional horse training often raises more questions than it answers for many aspiring equestrians. The rigid methods and lack of focus on the horse's natural behaviour can lead to confusion and frustration. Embracing a more enlightened approach like natural horsemanship can provide more precise insight into the horse's psyche and create a harmonious bond between rider and horse. By understanding the principles of natural horsemanship, riders can communicate effectively with their horses, leading to a more fulfilling and successful partnership.


positive horse training


Look no further. Our platform is here to bridge the gap, offering a supportive space where equestrians like you can exchange insights, seek guidance, and celebrate the beauty of equine-human relationships.


Our library is a meticulously crafted mosaic of horse training, care, and holistic well-being.


Depth and Diversity: Our library spans a broad spectrum, from the fundamentals of horse care to advanced training techniques. Articles written by a varied group of experts, including top trainers, veterinarians, and holistic care specialists, provide a 360-degree view of horsemanship.


Regularly Updated: Horsemanship is ever-evolving, and so is our library. With our constantly updated content, you can stay abreast of the latest trends, research, and methodologies in the equestrian world.


Whether refining your riding technique or exploring innovative care methods, our library is your steadfast companion in your quest for equestrian excellence.


Maybe you're seeking a diverse range of methodologies rather than being tied to just one as you seek the best practices that resonate with you and your horse.


Our community is especially passionate about understanding horses' intricate behaviour and psychology. We believe comprehending these aspects is key to building a stronger, more harmonious relationship with your equine partner.


Dive into a world where learning about the horse's mind is as important as mastering riding skills.


Understand Our Strategy

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Are you ready to take your passion for horsemanship to the next level?

Join the Horsemanship Journal community today and unlock exclusive benefits tailored for the true equestrian enthusiast.

Understand Our Strategy

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Why Become a Member?


Exclusive Access

As a member, you'll have unlimited access to our extensive online library, which is filled with articles written by various horse professionals covering a wide range of horse training and care topics.


Professionally produced docuseries, each one a deep exploration of critical equestrian topics, available only to our members.



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Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding, enhance your skills, and connect with a community of equestrian experts and enthusiasts. Click the button below and start your journey with Horsemanship Journal.

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Empowering Relationships



At Horsemanship Journal, we understand the deep-rooted desire for a supportive and knowledgeable equestrian haven. Our platform is meticulously crafted to serve as your premier resource for exclusive articles, compelling docuseries, immersive podcasts, and a dynamic community of passionate riders and equine enthusiasts.


Expert-Authored Articles:

Dive into a world of knowledge and expertise with our exclusive articles penned by equine professionals and thought leaders. Each article is a gateway to in-depth insights, practical advice, and cutting-edge research, offering a wealth of information to enrich your understanding of equine behaviour, training techniques, and connection-building strategies.


Inspirational Podcast Interviews:

Tune in to our captivating podcast series, where we bring the voices of equestrian experts directly to your ears. Immerse yourself in intimate interviews that delve into the journeys of riders who have achieved remarkable partnerships with their horses. Discover the secrets, challenges, and triumphs behind these extraordinary connections, and be inspired to deepen your own bond with your equine companion.


Celebrating Equine Partnerships:

Join us in celebrating the magic of equine-human partnerships through the power of storytelling. Our podcast episodes, articles, and films shine a spotlight on the heartwarming tales of equestrians who have cultivated deep, harmonious relationships with their horses. From overcoming obstacles to experiencing moments of pure connection, these stories provide inspiration and empowerment for all who share a passion for equine companionship.

πŸŽ™The Curious Equestrian Podcast

‘The Curious Equestrian Podcast,’ a captivating and free-to-access series where curiosity leads to profound equestrian insights. This podcast is not just an auditory experience; it's an exploration into the hearts and minds of those who have shaped the world of horsemanship.


Engaging Conversations with Thought Leaders: Join Anna Louise, our passionate host, as she sits down with remarkable equestrian experts, equine advocates, and thought leaders. Each episode is a journey into the untold stories and lessons learned from those who've forged rewarding partnerships with horses.


In-Depth Insights and Personal Stories: Our guests open up about their experiences, sharing secrets of their success and the profound impact horses have had on their lives. From heartfelt stories to practical advice, these conversations are a treasure trove of equestrian wisdom.

A Spectrum of Topics: Dive into discussions about horse care, riding techniques, equine well-being, and much more. Every episode offers fresh perspectives and valuable insights, whether you're a novice rider or an experienced equestrian.


Reflect, Connect, and Evolve:

The Curious Equestrian Podcast invites you to reflect on the beauty and challenges of the equestrian world. Connect with the stories and experiences shared, and evolve your understanding and practice of horsemanship.

This podcast is your companion in celebrating the remarkable bond between humans and horses.


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