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Gain Insider Knowledge and Expert Tips Straight from the Horse's Mouth! Delve into a treasure trove of exclusive articles penned by equestrian professionals, unlocking valuable insights and strategies to enhance your riding skills and deepen your bond with your equine companion.

In-Depth Features


Explore comprehensive, long-form pieces that dive deep into crucial equestrian topics, from advanced training techniques to the latest in equine health and welfare.

Expert Contributions

Read thought-provoking columns and opinion pieces from respected figures in the equestrian world, offering unique perspectives on current issues and timeless horsemanship principles.

Connecting You

to Equestrian Thought Leaders

Enhance your knowledge by tapping into the expertise of our carefully selected equestrian professionals, trainers, coaches, and thought leaders.

Our team of contributors offers a wealth of knowledge, encompassing innovative training methodologies, cutting-edge horse care practices, and firsthand experiences, all meticulously tailored so you can build a trusting relationship with your horse.

Bernd Hackl, a renowned German horseman with over 30 years of experience, has forged his unique approach to western horsemanship, blending influences from notable mentors with a philosophy centered on fairness and foundational training across all breeds and styles.

Zoë Coade, the founder of Get Good with Horses Courses & Academy and author of award-winning equestrian literature, offers an extensive background in horse psychology, behaviour, various training methods, and riding disciplines, showcasing a holistic approach to equine mastery.

Andrea Wady, an Equine relationship specialist known for her pioneering work in liberty training and deep equestrian connections, authored the acclaimed "Crossing Bridges," which was celebrated at the Equus Film and Arts Festival.

Kim Dunn is dedicated to building confidence from the ground up, Kim specializes in developing relaxed, confident, and happy horses and riders. Her patient, kind approach and clear teaching style have earned her praise from students and peers alike.

Hannah Jones MMCP is the UK's first Mind, Body and Spirit Horse Healer of her kind. She helps horses to reconnect for complete health, happiness and performance. She loves working with horses holistically to resolve the root cause of their issue.

Nicole Sherwood has developed a training style that blends traditional wisdom with modern understanding. She advocates for training outside the arena, believing varied environments are crucial for a horse's development.

Horsemanship Journal: The Perfect Companion to Curious Equestrian


While Curious Equestrian brings you dynamic video content, podcasts, and interactive learning experiences, Horsemanship Journal complements your journey with in-depth written content. Together, they provide a comprehensive resource for the dedicated equestrian.


Are you an equestrian struggling with your horse's behaviour, training challenges, or balancing traditional and modern methods?

We recognize the unique hurdles you face. Our mission is to provide you with insights from top experts in the field.

We bring together innovative trainers, natural riding advocates, and equine specialists to offer a comprehensive perspective on equine welfare and education.

Imagine the convenience of having access to a vast online repository, available anytime and anywhere, filled with exclusive articles tailored to your specific needs. 

Picture a docuseries that delivers firsthand expertise to your screen and engaging podcasts where we explore horse care and training intricacies.

Join us, where your curiosity is met with insightful answers and sparks engaging discussions. Your devotion to horses leads you to the expertise you seek, and your voice is heard in our community.

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