Bernd Hackl: Master Horseman and Trainer

Bernd Hackl is one of the most well-known horsemen in Germany and the surrounding German-speaking countries. Over the past 30 years, he has trained and worked with thousands of horses.


Bernd Hackl Western HorsemanshipAfter starting to ride at age 14, he quickly moved on to riding western. He soon started working with Wolfgang Winkler and Brian Turnbull (USA) before further honing his skills working with young or so-called problem horses during subsequent stays in the US with Roy Sharpe, Steve Holloway and Bill Horn. Influenced by horsemen like Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt and Jean-Claude Dysli, Bernd soon forged his own path.

Around 25 horses are with him at any given time for starting, training or remedial training. He teaches regularly, attends clinics and demos, and has written several books.

Bernd’s motto is “As much as necessary, as little as possible”, and further says “The training of young horses starts gently, giving them a good foundation. The correction of problem horses is just as consistent and fair for the horse as a partner. Neither breed nor riding style plays a role here. Lightness, suppleness and responsiveness are the basis of any riding.”



Enquiries for clinics within the UK and Ireland should be sent to [email protected].


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