Equestrian Grace Meets Cityscape: Western Horse UK December 2023 Digital Issue


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Uncover the Splendor of Urban Equestrianism in Our December Edition!


Step into a world where city lights merge with country sights in the December 2023 issue of Western Horse UK. This month, we present a captivating exploration of equestrian life, seamlessly blending urban elegance with the timeless beauty of horsemanship.

Highlights of the Issue:


  • Cover Story Magic: Be enthralled by our cover story featuring Nicole Sherwood and her majestic horse set against the stunning backdrop of Birmingham's cityscape. Captured by the lens of Nicole Ciscato, this image is more than a photograph – it's a symbol of the harmonious blend of modern city life and the rich traditions of equine grace.
  • The Dance of Discipline: Dive deep into the 'Elegant Dance' of Western Reining. Discover the allure of this discipline as we unravel the complexities and beauty of Reinback biomechanics. It’s an in-depth look that promises to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this elegant equestrian art form.
  • Mental Wellness and Horses: Journey with us through poignant narratives exploring the interconnection between mental wellness and our bond with horses. Articles like 'Nurturing Your Mental Wellness' and 'Dreams Take Their Own Paths' offer insights into how our equine companions profoundly shape our lives and well-being.
  • Expert Advice: Our trusted 'Ask the Vet' and 'Tack and Equipment' sections return, brimming with practical advice and tips for ensuring the best care for your equine partners.
  • Special Features: Experience the thrill and vibrancy of Western Equestrianism with features like 'Send in the Cows' and 'Western Round Up Live'. These pieces bring the excitement of the equestrian world right to your screen.

A Must-Read for Every Equestrian Enthusiast: Whether you're nestled in the heart of the city or roaming the countryside, this issue of Western Horse UK is a testament to the diverse and dynamic world of horsemanship. Don't miss this extraordinary edition that celebrates the unique intersection of urban charm and equestrian elegance.


Where Contrasts Create Harmony: Your Exclusive Equestrian Journey Awaits!


Welcome to the December edition of Western Horse UK, a unique issue where the unexpected meets the familiar in delightful ways. Our cover story, featuring Nicole Sherwood and her horse against Birmingham's cityscape, captured by the talented Nicole Ciscato, perfectly symbolizes this month's theme: a blend of urban sophistication and equine beauty.

Delve into the 'Elegant Dance' of Western Reining, uncovering the allure and intricacies of Reinback biomechanics. Explore how mental wellness intertwines with our connection to horses in articles like 'Nurturing Your Mental Wellness' and 'Dreams Take Their Own Paths’. This edition is a testament to the profound impact horses have on our lives.

Our regular sections, 'Ask the Vet' and 'Tack and Equipment', continue to provide invaluable advice for equine care. And don't miss our special features like 'Send in the Cows' and 'Western Round Up Live', which bring the excitement and vibrancy of Western Equestrianism to your fingertips.