Horsemanship Journal | September 2023 | Digital Edition


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The September 2023 digital edition of Horsemanship Journal brings together a unique blend of stories, interviews, and practical advice, all aimed at enriching your equestrian experience and deepening your connection with horses. The cover features Ross Cooper of ROSCA Horsemanship, whose adventures in Zimbabwe serve as a testament to the powerful bond between conservation efforts and equestrian passion.



  • Exclusive Insights from Zoe Coade: Dive into an engaging interview where Zoe Coade shares invaluable insights and exercises designed to elevate your equestrian skills to new heights.

  • Riding for Conservation: Explore the thrilling narrative of "The Zim Diaries," where Ross Cooper shares his experiences in Zimbabwe, combining his love for horses with vital conservation work.

  • Unveiling Equine Harmony: Discover the enduring legacy of the Horsealthon initiative and its continued impact on fostering harmony between horses and humans.

Exclusive Features:

  • Bridging Continents with Virtual Clinics: Learn about the groundbreaking efforts to connect equestrian communities across the globe through virtual clinics, promoting learning and interaction in unprecedented ways.

Essential Reads:

  • Business Map: Navigate the UK horsemanship scene with an indispensable guide to services, ensuring you have access to the best support for your horsemanship journey.

  • Horse Health - To Rug or Not To Rug: This article presents a thoughtful exploration of the considerations and debates surrounding the use of rugs, offering guidance to make informed decisions for your horse's comfort and health.

  • Beneath The Surface: Hanna Janes takes us on a deep dive into the lesser-seen aspects of horsemanship, shedding light on the nuances that make a profound difference in horse-human interactions.


  • Label with Care: Helen O'Hanlon discusses the implications of labels in the equestrian world, urging a mindful approach to categorizing and understanding our equine partners.

  • The Motivation Equation: Andrea Wady unpacks the factors that fuel our motivation in horsemanship and offers strategies for sustaining passion and commitment in our journey with horses.


Through exclusive interviews, captivating stories, and practical advice, this issue aims to inspire, educate, and challenge readers to explore new dimensions of their relationship with horses and the natural world.


What new practices will you incorporate into your horsemanship routine to contribute to a legacy of harmony and conservation?