Western Horse UK | September 2023 | Digital Edition


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Step into the arena of champions with the September 2023 digital edition of Western Horse UK. Carin Herrick and Wimpys Smart Chex, known affectionately as Twinkie, are gracing the cover, captured in a moment of triumph at the European Championships of American Quarter Horses 2023. This edition celebrates their victory as AQHA European Champion—Ranch Riding Select Amateur, encapsulated in a stunning photograph that epitomizes the spirit of Western riding and competition.



  • Ranch Riding Excellence: Dive into the world where horsemanship and Western tradition merge seamlessly. Explore the essence of Ranch Riding and how it continues to honour the rich heritage of the Western equestrian discipline.

  • Mastering Ranch Classes: This comprehensive guide offers invaluable tips and insights into mastering ranch classes. It is tailored to help novices and seasoned competitors refine their skills and stand out in the competitive arena.

  • Ranch Fashion: Uncover the latest trends in Ranch fashion with our Competitors Guide. From practical advice to the latest styles, learn how to make a statement while staying true to the traditions of Western riding.

Exclusive Features:

  • Arena Glamour vs. Ranch Realism: This feature examines the juxtaposition of competition aesthetics and the rugged realism of ranch work, delving into how both elements shape the identity of the modern Western rider.

  • Beyond the Arena: Discover how the principles of ranch riding extend beyond competition, enhancing the trail riding experience. Learn how to apply these timeless techniques to forge a deeper connection with your horse in any setting.

Essential Reads:

  • Equine First Aid: Ask the Vet shares crucial advice on how to prepare and respond to common equine health issues, ensuring your horse remains healthy and ready for competition.

  • Controlling Your Sense of Calm: Kimberly Dunn offers strategies to maintain composure and confidence, both in and out of the arena. She emphasizes mental preparedness as the key to success.

  • Western Business Map: This indispensable guide, curated to support your journey in Western riding, helps you navigate the landscape of Western trainers, tack, and equipment.


  • Groundwork Basics - Part 1: Lay a solid foundation with the first instalment in our series on groundwork basics, a critical component of training for both horse and rider.

  • Beyond Ribbons: Barbra Schulte reflects on the journey beyond competition, focusing on personal growth, the joy of riding, and the deeper rewards from a life dedicated to equestrian pursuits.


This issue is designed to connect, educate, and inspire equestrians across all levels of the sport through inspiring stories, practical advice, and a celebration of achievements.

How will you embody the spirit of Western riding and take your skills to new heights, both in the arena and on the trail?