Horsemanship Journal | December 2023 | Digital Edition


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Unleash the full potential of your partnership with horses with the December 2023 digital edition of Horsemanship Journal. This issue is a treasure trove of wisdom, stories, and practical advice designed to inspire, educate, and transform your horsemanship journey. Featuring a poignant cover story on Cloudy's shift from a ridden pony to an inspirational non-ridden companion, this edition underscores the profound connections and diverse paths possible in human-horse relationships.



  • Riding Beyond Limits: Delve into Warwick Schiller's insightful journey, exploring the depths of connection and understanding that transcend traditional riding.

  • In Harmony with Horses: Annabelle Holmes shares her natural approach to horsemanship, emphasizing the synchrony of horse welfare with the rhythms of nature.

  • Unlock Your Potential: Discover Helen O'Hanlon's five key insights that promise to open new horizons in your horsemanship practice.


Exclusive Features:

  • Thoroughbred Census: An in-depth look at how data is driving forward the welfare of thoroughbreds, offering a hopeful outlook for the future.

  • The Unwritten Path: Claire Artis tells the compelling story of Cloudy, illustrating the rich experiences and lessons learned from non-ridden companions.

  • Journey to Mutual Understanding with Horses: Andrea Wady guides us through the intricacies of building a deeper, more intuitive connection with our equine partners.


Essential Reads:

  • Horsemanship Exercises for Rainy Days: Practical tips and engaging exercises to keep your horsemanship journey progressing, regardless of the weather.

  • Why Essential Oils are Essential: Hanna Jones explores the beneficial impact of essential oils in equine care, offering a natural path to wellness.

  • Horsemanship Map: A curated selection of resources to support every step of your horsemanship journey, ensuring you have the tools you need to thrive.



  • It’s All in the Mindset: Zoe Coade delves into the psychological aspects of horsemanship, highlighting the transformative power of a positive mindset.

  • Horse Horizons: Stay at the forefront of equine research with a digest that brings the latest findings and innovations right to your fingertips.


The December 2023 edition of Horsemanship Journal, your companion for a more meaningful, respectful, and enlightened relationship with horses. From the wisdom of renowned horsemen and women to the stories of everyday heroes, each page is filled with insights and inspiration to guide you in riding beyond limits and living in harmony with horses.

How will these insights reshape your approach to horsemanship and deepen your connection with your equine partners?