It's Christmas time, and we're giving away 12 prizes over 12 days!

Enter to win something each day from the 25th of December to the 5th of January.


Visit on Christmas Day and each day for 12 days, then click to enter. After you enter, you can share with friends to earn extra entries. For any friend you refer, you get three additional bonus entries.


Winners will be notified on the 6th of January.


Day 1 (25th December) 

Grand Prize Pivio Pod Equestrian Edition worth £335


The Pivo Pod Active, in conjunction with the Pivo + app, turns a phone into a training partner and your personal camera crew. Perfect for those who usually rely on a friend, partner or parent to video their lesson, Western or Horsemanship Show classes – instead, Pivo will capture all the action for you.

The Pivo Active mount, powered by AI technology, which can rotate 360 degrees, automatically tracks your horse, following you at all times and zooming in and out to ensure you're always in focus and in the frame.

Pivo Active is an excellent tool for those who want to watch their schooling session back. It's not always easy to feel what is or isn't working when you're in the saddle, so this will help you see what you need to work on. It's helpful if you want to share a video with your trainer to get advice (as we can't always have eyes on the ground) or if you simply want to record your rides to track your progress over time. You may like to share fun clips of you riding with friends.

Pivo Active also includes a video call feature that will allow a coach to train you remotely. Additionally, a smart capture feature takes photographs of horse and riders using voice commands.

Pivo Active is compatible with iOS and Android. It can record indoors or out.

Equestrian edition includes: Pivo Pod, Tripod, Smart Mount, Travel Case Mini, Travel Case*, Remote Control, Bundled Apps and Features: Pivo+, Pivo Play, Pivo Cast, Premium tracking feature.


Day 2 (26th December) 

Access to 'Get good at Trailer Load-IN' from the Get Good with Horses Acadamy includes 18 x part video series + 8 BONUS videos and a mini eBook worth £800



Day 3 (27th December) 

Western Horse UK Sweater

Certified Organic Cotton Pullover Hoody, choose from black, navy, light heather, rust, and stone blue. Worth £39.00



Day 4 (28th December)

6 Month Subscription to the True Wester Video Library

True West Horsemanship Video Library.

Offering a wide range of instructional videos for improving the relationship with your horse and advancing your horsemanship!

Ture West Horsemanship Video









Day 5 (29th December)

Horsemanship Journal Sweater

Certified Organic Cotton Pullover Hoody, choose from black, navy, light heather, rust, and stone blue. Worth £39.00



Day 6 (30th December)

Signed Book - Continuing the Ride, Rebuilding Confidence from the Ground Up by Crissi McDonald. Worth £4.99



Day 7 (31st December)

Horsemanship Journal T-Shirt. Certified Organic Cotton worth £19



Day 8 (1st January)

3 Books for Kids by Elaine Heney £21


Listenology for Kids

The Forgotten Horse

The Show Horse


Day 9 (2nd January)

Book - For Horse Lovers, A Pocket Book of Poems by Zoe Coade. Worth £4.99 



Day 10 (3rd January)

Western Horse UK T-Shirt. Certified Organic Cotton worth £19



Day 11 (4th January)

Book - The Life of Male by Sabrina Ballentine

A modern reimagining of Black Beauty set within the context of animal welfare and the concept of barefoot riding. Worth £12.99



Day 12 (5th January) 

1 Year's Subscription to Horsemanship Journal worth £29.88. Keep it for yourself or gift it to a friend.