📚 Book Review: "Life of Malé" by Sabrina Ballentine


"Life of Malé" by Sabrina Ballentine is a captivating modern reimagining of the classic "Black Beauty," where the story is skillfully interwoven with contemporary equestrian practices and a strong emphasis on animal welfare.


The novel introduces us to Malé, a thoroughbred horse with an illustrious lineage whose journey is narrated in his own words. From his early days on a racing yard in Oxfordshire, England, to his rise as a prized show jumper, Malé's story is a heartfelt exploration of the equestrian world. The bond between Malé and his closest friend, Joe, adds depth and emotional resonance to the narrative.


Book Review: 'Life of Malé' by Sabrina Ballentine – A Modern Equestrian TaleThe turning point in the story occurs when Joe sustains an injury while competing, reshaping the lives of both horse and rider. Through this twist of fate, the novel introduces Sophie, a young yard assistant and Malé's human friend. Sophie's commitment to horse welfare, spurred by a distressing incident she witnesses, leads her to embark on her own journey.


One of the novel's standout qualities is its dedication to modern equestrian practices and animal welfare. Author Sabrina Ballentine's passion for these principles shines through in her storytelling. Through the characters and their experiences, the reader gains insight into the challenges horses face and the need for compassionate care.


The narrative style of "Life of Malé" effectively immerses readers in the world of horses, allowing them to hear the animals' voices and understand their perspectives. This unique approach adds a layer of authenticity and empathy to the story.


In a world where poor knowledge and practices in the equestrian industry can lead to suffering for horses and other animals, "Life of Malé" is a powerful call to action. It inspires readers to reevaluate their roles in animal welfare and encourages the pursuit of compassionate practices.


This young adult novel updates the timeless story of "Black Beauty" for a new generation, addressing contemporary issues and emphasizing the importance of animal welfare. It will appeal to equestrian enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a heartfelt story with a powerful message.


"Life of Malé" is a must-read for those seeking an engaging narrative that combines the spirit of equestrian adventure with a profound commitment to animal welfare.