Staying informed and entertained in the fast-paced world of horse owners and riders is vital. Equestrian podcasts have emerged as a fantastic way to delve into the world of horses, riding, and equine health. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of equestrian podcasts and share our favourite picks that have significantly impacted our equestrian journey.


Benefits of Equestrian Podcasts


Equestrian podcasts, whether in audio or video format, offer a multitude of benefits for horse lovers:


  1. Accessibility: Whether you are a horse owner, horse rider, or both, these podcasts allow you to tune in during your daily commute, while working around the barn, or simply relaxing at home.
  2. Convenience: You can choose when and where to listen or watch with a vast library of episodes. It's equestrian knowledge at your fingertips, benefiting both horse riders and owners.
  3. Learning Opportunities: Equestrian podcasts provide valuable insights from experts, trainers, and enthusiasts. They cover various topics, from training techniques to horse care and health.
  4. Entertainment: Beyond education, these podcasts can be incredibly entertaining. They share inspiring stories, interviews with industry leaders, and even moments of humour, appealing to listeners of all backgrounds.


Our Favourite Equestrian Podcasts


Now, let's dive into our top picks:


  • Listening to the Horse by Elaine Heney: Elaine Heney's podcast is a treasure trove for natural horsemanship enthusiasts and horse owners. It offers lessons in groundwork, riding, and building a partnership with your horse. Elaine's dedication to equine welfare shines through every episode.


  • The Enlightened Equestrian Podcast by Zoë Coade: Zoë's podcast is a delightful blend of education and entertainment, appealing to horse riders and owners. Her mission to inspire and share experiences resonates with equestrians of all disciplines. Plus, the emphasis on synergy among various equestrian disciplines is truly commendable.


  • The Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller: Warwick Schiller's podcast is a journey of transformation and personal growth in horse training, benefiting both horse riders and owners. It features special guests who share life-altering stories and motivations. It's an excellent resource for those looking to evolve in their horsemanship journey.


  • The Western Round Up by WES in association with Western Horse UK: "The Western Round Up" is a must-listen for Western riding enthusiasts, catering to horse riders and owners. Brought to you by the Western Equestrian Society and Western Horse UK, it's all about promoting high standards of Western Equitation and sharing the rugged elegance of Western riding.


  • Stacy Westfall's Podcast: Stacy Westfall teaches people how to understand, enjoy, and successfully train their horses. In her horse podcast, she shares all her knowledge in her area of expertise: horses. Stacy offers insights into issues that riders face in their minds and how they view their challenges and goals with horses. She shares tips on becoming a better rider and leader for your horse. Discover how you can understand things from your horse's point of view to enjoy the learning process with your horse. Learning new things becomes more enjoyable when you can understand what your horse is experiencing mentally and physically.


  • Curious Equestrian Podcast hosted by Anna Louise Claydon, produced by Horsemanship Journal: Anna Louise is a dynamic presenter, reporter, and broadcaster passionate about horses. The podcast features interviews with equine professionals on various topics, with equine welfare and the environment at its heart.


  • Olivia Towers Podcast: Welcome to the Olivia Towers Podcast! This podcast brings you the whole package as Olivia speaks about many areas of her journey. They cover different topics ranging from interviews with top equestrian athletes where we hear their highs and lows and how they navigated them. Advice on building a resilient mindset in all areas of life. Practical tips to help you with your riding and journey in the equestrian world and Olivia's own personal "storytime," where she shares honest and raw experiences from her life and how she has overcome certain hurdles.


  • The Willing Equine Podcast: Welcome to the official The Willing Equine podcast with your host, Adele Shaw. A podcast dedicated to improving the horse/human relationship, encouraging science-based and ethically minded horse training, and a species-appropriate way of keeping horses. 



  • The Confident Rider Podcast: The Confident Rider Podcast is for big-hearted equestrians looking to create meaningful relationships with their horses. Explores nervous system support through movement, education, and biomechanics and helps riders transform into responsive, adaptable, and confident horse people, living their dreams with their horses. Join Adele to explore the wisdom of our body and mind through personal stories and conversations with other riders out there, creating their best riding life.


A Note on Jim Masterson: While Jim Masterson has his podcast, you can also find interviews with him on numerous other podcasts. His insights into equine health and well-being are invaluable, making his interviews a must-listen for horse owners and riders. You can explore his interviews at Jim Masterson's Podcasts.


Why We Love These Podcasts

As the editor of Horsemanship Journal Magazine and Western Horse UK, as well as the producer of the Curious Equestrian Podcast, we appreciate these podcasts for their dedication to equine welfare, education, and entertainment. They align with our mission of fostering a deep connection between equestrians and their horses, benefiting horse owners and riders alike.


Join the Conversation

We'd love to hear about your favourite horse podcasts, too! Share your recommendations in the comments below, whether you're a horse owner, rider, or an avid listener. Let's create a vibrant community of equestrian enthusiasts sharing their podcast discoveries and insights on horse health.


Final Thoughts

Equestrian podcasts have become indispensable to the modern horse lover's toolkit, whether you're a horse owner, rider, or enthusiast. They offer a wealth of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration. Our selection represents a diverse range of interests within the equestrian world. Now, it's your turn to explore these podcasts and share your favourites. Happy listening!