Horsemanship Hour Live (Replay and Podcast recording) with Anna Twinney

In May's Horsemanship Hour Live we chatted with the founder of Reach Out to Horses and animal communicator and Anna Twinney.

Anna talked about her inspiring horsemanship journey and how horses and moving to California changed the course of her life, as she began to see a new way of being, and observing the language of the horse. Anna speaks about her personal drive to give horses that voice; she explains that their language goes far deeper than body language alone.

You can watch the replay on our Facebook page or Youtube, or if you prefer Podcasts, you can listen to the full discussion on Spotify.

Do you ever run out of things to do with your horse? You ride, and groom, and feed, and muck… and ummmm… Is that it?  

But then what? Do you think to yourself, "I love my horse and I love being around him. I just wish I knew what to do with him out of the saddle"?

The 101 program will bring all of that straight to you. Anna covers all the many things she teaches from Natural Horsemanship, Animal Communication, health and well-being, alternative healing methods, and lots more. Each lesson is in easily digestible, bite-sized exercises streamed right to your computer, phone or tablet. And each lesson is less than a $1 with a full money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

Anna is the real deal - a uniquely talented woman, and I know you will discover exercises and activities that you never even considered doing with your horse. Reinvigorate your relationship with your horse.  Check it out!