At this time of year, under normal circumstances, equestrians start to brace for winter. But this year is different, as we not only brace for cold, wet and muddy weather but the unknown effects that a COVID surge may have over winter.

Our community is made up of passionate people, including riders, trainers, coaches and retailers. In 2020, these passionate individuals have also become creative problem solvers. Lessons and shows moved online, and then they pivoted again to implement COVID safe solutions to reopen. I know that we’ll all make the best of this unusual winter and keep our community thriving.

The months October to December are crucial on the equine calendar, as we attend exhibitions to watch inspiring displays and to shop! Seasonal events are moving online too, and a great deal of hard work and creative thinking has gone into making this change. Many retailers count on the large events that round off the year, I hope you can support the new formats for events this year, and we hope to virtually see you at the Horsemanship Showcase - pop by our virtual stand to say Hi!

This issue has great in-depth reads this issue. If you’re stuck on something in your training, then turn to Philippa’s article on page 10 and consider some new techniques. Jason Webb explores the meaning of some of his favourite quotes, starting with ‘Nurture the Natural Instinct’. Ross Cooper considers how the intricacies of fit can affect behaviour, performance and communication.

We are delighted to introduce Anna Blake, her article this issue explores the power of the walk, a largely underutilised gait.





October Contents


Front Cover Photo:

Phillippa Christie

Motivation in Training Page 10


Cover stories

8. Anna Blake

Walk, the Queen of the Gaits


10. Phillippa Christie

Motivation in Training


28. Ross Cooper

How bridles affect behaviour, performance and communication



14. Sadie Beech

Foundation Training Should be Boring



6. Linda Parelli

Moving Forward!


16. Horsemanship Map

The UK’s map of horsemanship trainers, coaches and retailers


18. Jason Webb

Nurture the Natural Instinct


24. Helen O’Hanlon

Mindfulness for the Equestrian Part 2 


26. Crissi McDonald

Teach Your Horse, Instead of Fixing Them