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A Spectacular Array of Western Equestrian Disciplines

Western Round Up LIVE was launched at the renowned Oakridge Arena. This highly anticipated event exceeded all expectations, delivering an unforgettable experience that combined entertainment, education, and authentic horsemanship.


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Showcasing the Diversity of Western Horsemanship

The day-long event showcased a stunning array of Western Equestrian disciplines including Trail, Pleasure, Reining, Horsemanship, Western Riding, and cattle work. Spectators were not only treated to mesmerizing displays of skill and precision from the featured trainers but were also actively engaged in an inspirational and interactive learning experience.


Engaging and Educational: A Treat for Equestrian Enthusiasts

"The launch of Western Round Up LIVE is a milestone for us," said WES Chairman, Rob Painter. “The aim to create an event that not only celebrates the rich heritage of Western horsemanship but also provides a unique platform for enthusiasts to learn and appreciate these disciplines certainly came to life and was received as an overwhelming success from the audience."


Expert Demonstrations: Insights from World-Class Trainers

Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to witness world-class trainers demonstrate their expertise, offering valuable insights into the nuances of each discipline.


Meet the Trainers: The Minds Behind the Mastery

With Rob Painter and the one and only Bob Mayhew as the MC’s, the line-up of trainers included Lee Rutter, Bob Reader, Alan Payne, Andrew Plant, Joe Midgley, Tanya Rowe, Emma Chapman, Susie Anderson, and Louise McKnight.


Learning from the Best: Interactive and Inspirational Sessions

From the intricate maneuvers of Reining to the graceful partnership of Pleasure, the event showcased the versatility and skill required to excel in Western Equestrian sports.


Highlight of the Event: The Electrifying Cow Work Demonstration

One of the highlights of the event was the Cow work demonstration, with cows supplied by Sudbrooke Cattle Company. This event saw trainers on horseback showcasing their ability to control and communicate with cattle.


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The Thrill of Cattle Control: A Display of Skill and Synchronization

This fast-paced and thrilling display captivated the audience, further highlighting the deep bond and exceptional horsemanship skills exhibited by all involved.


Uniting the Western Equestrian Community: A Testament to Passion and Dedication

"Western Round Up LIVE is a testament to the passion and dedication of the Western Equestrian community," added Kate Wensley. "By bringing together top trainers, enthusiasts, and novices alike, this event has created a space where learning, inspiration, and camaraderie flourish. It truly is an incredible achievement."



For more information or media enquiries regarding Western Round Up LIVE, please contact WES chairman, Rob Painter - [email protected]