Horsemanship Journal | September 2023 | Digital Edition

Horsemanship Joural Spetember 2023As autumn approaches, we are pleased to present our September issue. In this edition, we are delighted to bring you a compilation of equestrian stories and insights that pay homage to the unique bond between humans and horses. 

We are elated to offer a glimpse into the inaugural Curious Equestrian Podcast with our new Host, Anna Louise Claydon. We have selected highlights from our conversation with Zoe Coade, where she imparts insights and exercises with the potential to elevate your equestrian journey to new heights. I recommend listening to the full episode on YouTube or your preferred audio platform. 

 In ‘The Zim Diaries’, Ross Cooper transports us to Zimbabwe, where equestrianism and conservation converge in an extraordinary tale of hope and action. 

 As customary, our regular columns traverse the landscape of horsemanship services in the ‘Business Map’, reflect upon the age-old question of rugging in ‘Horse Health’, and delve into the core of equine connection with ‘Beneath The Surface’. Join us as we span continents through virtual clinics and unravel the threads of motivation and harmony in ‘The Motivation Equation’. We also bring the realm of ‘Horsealthon’ to you - an exemplar of the burgeoning benefits of virtual equine events. 


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Ross Cooper of ROSCA Horsemanship learn about his adventures in Zimbabwe, combining his passion for horses and conservation.

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