Ross Cooper: Bridging Science and Intuition in Horsemanship

Ross Cooper HorsemanshipRoss Cooper of Rosca Horsemanship is a British horseman, coach and trainer providing quality horsemanship for both horse and rider.

As an Equine Behaviour Consultant (CHBC), Ross combines practical feel and intuition with behavioural science to promote ethical interaction and mutual communication for a successful partnership.

From foundation to advanced horsemanship, Rosca Horsemanship provides hands-on training to dynamic ridden coaching catering for all disciplines, styles and abilities, specialising in behavioural rehabilitation, bitless training, foundations, western riding and the young horse.

Based in Derbyshire,  Ross travels Nationwide for private and group lessons, clinics and workshops, bringing new-age horsemanship, education and a positive approach to owners everywhere.

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