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With the arrival of September, we eagerly present the pages of Western Horse UK's latest issue. Within these pages, we celebrate the timeless connection between humanity and the spirit of the West - a connection that shapes the essence of our equestrian pursuits. 

Greeting us from the cover is the captivating image captured by Art & Light | artnlight.de - a snapshot of Carin Herrick and Wimpys Smart Chex at the European Championships of American Quarter Horses 2023. Together, they claimed the prestigious title of AQHA European Champion in Ranch Riding Select Amateur, a testament to the dedication and partnership that defines Western horsemanship. 

As we delve into the heart of this issue, we invite you to explore the intricacies of Ranch Fashion, master the art of Ranch Classes with invaluable tips, and immerse yourself in the essence of Ranch Riding, a harmonious blend of horsemanship and Western tradition. 

Our featured stories take us on a journey, unveiling the allure of Arena Glamour and delving deeper into the application of Ranch Principles Beyond the Arena, where the wisdom gained from these disciplines enriches our encounters both on and off the trail. 

In our regular sections, we bring forth the expertise of the equine world with insights from the Ask the Vet column, where Equine First Aid takes the spotlight. Controlling Your Sense of Calm with Kimberly Dunn encourages us to manage our horse's anxiety by caring for ourselves. 

Navigate the landscape of Western Trainers, Tack and Equipment through our Business Map, and explore the versatile Rope Halter in our Tack & Equipment feature. 

Embark on a journey of Groundwork Basics, a series that unfolds with Part 1, while also experiencing the allure of Beyond Ribbons with Barbra Schulte. 

We're thrilled to support and attend the inaugural Western Roundup event, which will take place at Oakridge Arena on Saturday, September 30th. The organizers have dedicated themselves to curating a day brimming with captivating demonstrations, insightful presentations, engaging Q&A sessions, and much more. 

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