2019 | February


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Calming Signals - Empower your horse with Rachaël Draaisma!

Spacial awareness with Bev Walton and Ross Cooper introduces Laterals and Longitudinals.


Horsemanship Journal February 2019 Western Horse UK February 2019

We have a packed issue for you!

Our in-depth read is from Rachaël Draaisma; in Rachaël's latest instalment from her ‘Calming Signals’ series, she talks about how you can Empower Your Horse.

Bev Walton continues her ‘Why Groundwork’ series, in part III she explores spacial awareness.

Ross Cooper introduces Laterals and Longitudinals in his 'Getting It Done’ series.

Franklin Levinson asks 'How Did You Make Your Horse Feel?’

We would also like to introduce two new authors: Lindsay Setchell, BSc (Hons), PGCE, AANHCP Founder & Editor of The Barefoot Horse Magazine and Carole Herder, Author of the #1 International Bestseller There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven. Lindsey looks at the use of boots amongst the Barefoot horse community, and Carole asks if we are ready to break out of our winter cocoon, and prepare ourselves and our horse, for the warmer seasons ahead.

In our community pages, Lucy Irvine tells about her work to save foals from the meat market, and we look at the work that Glint Horse Assisted Development carry out.

I would also like to thank Kate McLaughlin who has helped as a guest editor on this issue.

Welcome to the first 2019 issue of Western Horse UK! We are very excited about 2019, and have some great features and interviews lined up for this year!

In this issue, Al Dunning takes us through his personal experience of recovery from injury in his 'No Pain, No Gain' article.

Julie Goodnight goes back to basics in the arena.

Brandon McAuslan is going to be exploring Baroque Western Riding over the next issue or two; he starts in this issue by asking if there is a place in the Western Horse world for Classical Riding?

Åsa Björklund continues her Ranch travels, this time visiting Sweet Grass Ranch in Montana for a taste of real ranch life. If you are thinking about booking a ranch holiday this year, have a look through our previous Out & About articles and take a look at our Ranch Finder.

In Society News, we have updates from the UK Barrel Horse Association and the UK Paint Horse Association. All associations are welcome to send in their report; please feel free to contact us.

Nikki Pursey looks at Mare health for breeding in ‘Ask the Vet’, walking us through a pre-breeding checklist. Separately, we also look at the rules for registering foals and transferring ownership.