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Immerse yourself in the tangible elegance of Western Horse UK's December 2023 Print Edition. This collector's issue features Nicole Sherwood and her horse in Birmingham's urban setting, masterfully photographed by Nicole Ciscato. Dive into the captivating world of Western Reining, explore how horses impact mental wellness, and enjoy regular features like 'Ask the Vet' and 'Tack and Equipment'. This edition beautifully intertwines urban charm with the timeless grace of the equestrian world, making it a must-have for every horse enthusiast's library.

Western Horse UK & Horsemanship Journal - December 2023 Combined Print Edition: A Journey Through Urban Equestrianism and Transformative Horsemanship"

Embrace the end of the year with a special combined print edition featuring December 2023 issues of both Western Horse UK and Horsemanship Journal. This unique publication brings together the best of both worlds, offering a comprehensive and enriching equestrian experience.

Western Horse UK - December 2023: Dive into the dynamic interplay of urban sophistication and equestrian grace. Featuring Nicole Sherwood and her horse against Birmingham's cityscape, beautifully photographed by Nicole Ciscato, this issue is a testament to the harmonious blend of city life and equine beauty. Explore the elegance of Western Reining, the impact of horses on mental wellness, and gain invaluable advice from our regular features like 'Ask the Vet' and 'Tack and Equipment'.

Horsemanship Journal - December 2023: Join us in exploring the profound relationships we share with horses. This issue brings to life the narratives from our Curious Equestrian podcast interviews, including Warwick Schiller's transformative horsemanship journey in ‘Riding Beyond Limits’. Discover Annabelle Holmes' passion for horses and the environment in ‘In Harmony with Horses’, and delve into the realms of non-ridden horsemanship with Claire Artis in ‘The Unwritten Path’. Our diverse media approach, ranging from podcasts to written articles, caters to all preferences, ensuring a rich tapestry of equine knowledge and insights.

This combined edition is not just a magazine; it's a treasure trove of stories, insights, and practical advice. It celebrates the diversity of the equestrian world, from urban challenges to transformative relationships with horses. Whether you are an urban rider, a horse care professional, or someone who seeks a deeper bond with horses, this edition is an essential addition to your collection.

Secure your copy now and immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of equestrianism as presented by Western Horse UK and Horsemanship Journal.