Mutual Understanding with HorsesThe world of horsemanship is evolving. No longer is the narrative dominated by traditional methods rooted in control and dominance. Today, voices like Andrea Wady are pioneering a shift towards a more empathetic and understanding approach to equine relationships. In a recent episode of the Curious Equestrian Podcast, Andrea, known for her work in the documentary 'Taming Wild Pura Vida', delves into her personal journey and the lessons learned from over four decades of equine experience. 


A Shift in Perspective 

Andrea's narrative begins with a pivotal moment of vulnerability - lying on her back in a field after falling off her horse. This incident triggered a profound reassessment of her approach to horsemanship. She realised that while dominance, or as she calls it, 'insistence', has its place (particularly in matters of safety), there's almost always a gentler, more understanding way to handle situations. 


Understanding Horses as Individuals 

Andrea passionately advocates for recognising horses as sentient beings with unique personalities and experiences. This perspective encourages a deeper, more meaningful connection between horses and humans, moving away from a one-size-fits-all training methodology. 


Human Emotions and Their Impact 

One of the most striking aspects of Andrea's philosophy is the emphasis on the impact of human emotions on equine behaviour. Horses, as she explains, are incredibly sensitive to our emotional states. This understanding necessitates greater self-awareness and control of our emotions when interacting with these sensitive animals. 


Learning from Experiences 

Andrea's experiences, particularly her challenging trek across Costa Rica with rescue horses, underscore the importance of patience and empathy in building trust with horses. These experiences have shaped her approach to horsemanship and her understanding of herself. 


Challenging Traditional Norms 

Andrea doesn't shy away from discussing the difficulties faced by those who choose to step away from traditional methods. She addresses the judgment and criticism prevalent in the equestrian community, advocating for a more supportive and open environment. 


The Journey of Continuous Learning 

Andrea's story is a testament to the belief that learning and adapting in horsemanship is a never-ending journey. Her experiences, both challenging and rewarding, reflect a deep commitment to understanding and evolving alongside her equine companions. 



Andrea Wady's journey is a beacon for modern horsemanship, illuminating a path towards a more compassionate, understanding and mutually respectful relationship with horses. Her insights reflect personal growth, and signify a broader shift in the equestrian world towards more humane and scientifically backed horse training and care approaches. Andrea's story is a powerful reminder of the potential for change and growth in ourselves and our relationships with horses. 

In essence, Andrea Wady's interview on the Curious Equestrian Podcast serves as a narrative of personal evolution and a guiding light for equestrians everywhere who aspire to deepen their bond with horses through understanding, empathy and respect. 

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