Horsemanship Journal | December 2023

Horsemanship Journal December 2023Welcome to the final edition of Horsemanship Journal for 2023. Here, we delve into the profound relationship we share with horses through words and by bringing these narratives to life across diverse media. This issue features insights from our Curious Equestrian podcast interviews.

Our cover story, ‘Riding Beyond Limits’ with Warwick Schiller, explores his insightful journey. His perspectives, as enlightening in print as they were in our dynamic podcast conversation, illuminate a transformative approach to horsemanship, guiding those seeking deeper bonds with their equine partners.

In ‘In Harmony with Horses’,  Annabelle Holmes discusses her passion for the environment and horses and how she brings these together. Her commitment to horse welfare and the environment inspires and serves as a beacon for our readers and listeners.

‘The Unwritten Path’ featuring Claire Artis and her Exmoor pony, Cloudy, is another standout piece. Originally presented in our podcast, the print version invites readers to discover the rich, often unexplored realms of non-ridden horsemanship.

We take pride in delivering stories and insights through various mediums - podcasts, video podcasts, magazine articles and online content - to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer the intimacy of a podcast, the visual engagement of a video, the detailed analysis of a written article, or the ease of online content, we aim to ensure that these multifaceted stories resonate with you in your preferred format.

Our features and regular columns continue to weave a rich tapestry of equine knowledge, ranging from research to practical advice for your horsemanship journey.

This edition, akin to our podcast, celebrates the diverse ways in which we connect with and comprehend horses. We hope each story, whether listened to, watched or read, brings you closer to the essence of true horsemanship.

Thank you for joining us on this enriching journey of discovery and connection.

Enjoy your reading and listening!

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