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3 Ways to Make a Striking Impression in 2021




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How to expose your business to more of your ideal customers in 2021


You probably already know that Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK have many thousands of highly targeted readers, listeners and viewers, all passionate about horses and the equine world. What you won’t know is that we have been working hard in the background to bring you a selection of different ways you can introduce your business to our audience throughout 2021. We have put together three different packages. These can be used either on their own or in combination to meet your objectives.


These are

1 Raising your profile

2 Getting on the Map

3 Display Advertising


Raising your Profile


This great-value package will deliver simultaneous presence across a range of media, ensuring your voice is amplified. 


There are four main elements to the package, and these are:

  • a professionally produced video, published on YouTube.
  • a professionally scripted and delivered podcast recording, distributed and hosted on all the popular podcast broadcasters.
  • a blog, written for you and hosted on the Horse Journal website.
  • an article, written and published in either Horsemanship Journal or Western Horse UK – whichever you prefer.


All of these will be further shared across all of our social media groups and pages, resulting in a comprehensive, wide-reaching campaign. The video and podcasts will be available to audiences indefinitely, or until you want them to be taken down if you have time-limited offer.

You’re going to be wondering how much all of this costs. This entire Raising your Profile package, comprising the four elements will require an investment from you of just £100.


So what do we need from you to get started?

Whilst this appears like a lot, all we need from you is an hour of your time, and we will get to work. We will use this time with you to learn more about your business and the key messages you wish to communicate to your target audience.


You might be wondering if this package could benefit you.

You can use this package to launch a new product or service or to raise awareness of your existing offering.

We’d suggest that you don’t attempt to tell people everything there is to know about your business and what you do, but think carefully about the key things you wish to include - we can guide you on this. Remember, you should use each of the four elements to drive people to your own website where they can find out much more about your business.

Finally, we’d urge you to secure your booking as soon as possible. We are confident that this package will be highly popular throughout 2021. To ensure we can deliver for you, even if you’re not ready to get started.


Join the Horsemanship Journal Equipreneurs to book online or email [email protected] or give us a call on 01245 939001

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Getting on the map

If you have a geographically based business that relies on visitors, for example, a saddlers or an equestrian centre, you need as many people in your catchment area to know that you’re in business and where you are. 

This is where we come in. We can put you on the map, quite literally.

In every printed issue of Western Horse UK or Horseman Journal, we have a map of the UK and Ireland, featuring all participating businesses. You will also benefit from a listing with your business name, the services you offer and how people can contact you or find you. This is also available on our website with clickable links through to your own website. We share this regularly to all our social media groups and pages, giving you huge reach to your potential customers.

Horsemanship Directory

Western Directory


So how much will this cost you?

You can enjoy a year-round presence in all our printed magazines, and online, for just £195 or £16.66 a month.


So how do you get your business on the map?

Join the Horsemanship Journal Equipreneurs to book online or email [email protected] or give us a call on 01245 939001

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Display Advertising

Our printed magazines, Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK offer the perfect way for you to show your ideal customer what you offer, by taking out a display advertisement. You simply decide what size of ad you want (choose from a quarter page, half or full page, or even better the inside cover), decide how many issues you want to be featured in, and when you want to start.

You can either provide the artwork to us, or we can produce the ad for you for a small extra charge (waived when booking more than 1 advert).

Display ads provide credibility for your business and of course will reach more people than the print run of the magazine, as magazines are passed on between friends. Remember you can take advantage of the opportunity to drive traffic to your own website, using display advertising.

Advertising in six issues of one of our magazines' costs from as little as £122.50 per issue for a quarter-page ad.


Join the Horsemanship Journal Equipreneurs to book online or email [email protected] or give us a call on 01245 939001

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Remember magazines are planned well in advance, so book your space now, even if you don’t have artwork ready or don’t yet know what your message will be. We can hold that space for you and we will tell you when you need to get the info to us by.

Have you considered combining Getting on the Map and Display Advertising, to get your brand in front of as many customers as possible in 2021? We offer significant savings when these packages are combined and booked over multiple issues. 

Like any of the three packages we are offering, this can be booked on a standalone basis or used in combination with the others as part of a comprehensive campaign to get your business in front of more of your ideal customers. 


Product Features

In each issue our editors pick 5 products to feature in WH or HJ Loves, each issue has a product theme. If you would like to submit a product to be considered join the free Equipreneurs group and follow the instructions to submit a product.

There is no charge for having a product featured.


Eco Equestrian


Products for the Eco-Conscious Equestrian products made from natural recyclable materials, or made from recycled materials.

Essential Kit


Essential horsemanship kit including, rope halters,  leads, lunges, mecates and other training aids.

First Aid


Everything the prepared equestrian should have in their kit to deal with every day, knocks, bumps and cuts.



Herbal supplements to help your horse in a natural way, or to provide natural foraging interest.

Gift Guide


Christmas gift guide, everything a horseman or women could wish for themselves and their horse.