Story telling is the best marketing


Many equestrian businesses struggle to find an equine marketing strategy that works for them. This is because there are many options available, and it can be challenging to know which ones will work best for your horse business. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use magazine articles as part of an overall marketing strategy perfect for the equine industry and why doing so could help increase sales!




๐ŸŽ™You can also listen to Theresa McCaffrey (Digital Content Editor) chatting with Jenni Bush on the Equine Business Podcast about how small business owners in the Equestrian Industry can get featured in magazines.


Marketing - Rule of 7

You'll often hear marketing experts talk about "The Rule of Seven". Put simply, this means that potential client needs to see your ad or your marketing message seven times before they think about taking action and contacting you to make a purchase.

This is why you will see large companies advertising on TV, in the press, online and at the cinema, over a concentrated period of about six to eight weeks. In the busy world we live in, where advertisers are competing for our attention, they need to do this, so customers notice their new product or message. This works far more effectively than spacing the activity out when the message would simply get "lost" and the money spent would be wasted.

You may also want to consider any seasonal aspect of your horse business and plan the timing of your article and other marketing activity around that. Think about the holiday industry. Whilst people book holidays all year round, you will notice that most of the money spent on advertising is spent just after Christmas. This is when the majority of families start to think about their summer holiday. Holiday companies, therefore, get more return on their advertising spending by doing this.

Equine magazines will often plan their features around the equestrian industry calendar, for example, a winter clothing feature in October or a breeding special in February and show news and information during the summer.


Equiprenuers Authority and Credibility

So what does this mean for the smaller business? In this case, it's just as important to remember The Rule of Seven, if not more so. As well as helping ensure you are noticed, planning your marketing in this way can create the impression of your equine brand being bigger than you actually are as an equine brand. You create the impression of being "everywhere".

Getting an article published can be a great way to promote your equine business, but it should always be done in the context of your overall marketing plan. You can use the article to convey the same message as in your other marketing. For example, if you are launching a new service, you could carry out an email campaign to existing customers, perhaps with an offer. Ideally, they would receive the email in the same week as they see your article in a magazine or see your stand at a show or event.

Building authority through writing articles gives you credibility as an expert in your field. Writing helps you build a relationship with readers - who are potential customers for your business, and that is why it is a powerful marketing strategy.

With that in mind, you will often see that companies also take an ad in the same edition of the magazine they have an article featured. You will get a greater return from that ad than by running it the following month. And remember, whilst it can sometimes appear that your ad or article has achieved nothing, that could be precisely why someone decided to approach your stand at the show and not your competitor's.


Common misconceptions about writing articles for magazines


Why would I write for free? 

Consider your mindset here; while everyone deserves to be paid for their work, that doesn't always equal a monetary exchange. In the case of an article, you are receiving brand exposure to the magazine readers in exchange for your article (choose niche magazines for a target audience or national for a broader cross-section of horse owners). Every magazine should also include an author bio with information about the writer and their contact details. Good magazines will also share information about your article with their social followers providing even greater exposure.

I am not a professional writer.

You do not need to be a professional writer, so long as you have expertise in your field and can write clearly. The editorial team can work with you to polish the writing, help bring out your creative flair and make sure it's published error-free.

I don't know what to write about

Consider the daily conversations you have with your customers and the questions they ask that you answer. What are their common questions? Whatever you tell them can be written out into an article that readers (potential clients) will value and remember.

I don't know how to approach a magazine?

First, research which magazine(s) you want to write for, choosing one aligned with your values and interests. Then, contact them to see if they're accepting submissions for the topic you have in mind.

Editors are very open to hearing from potential new authors who can support their readers' goals and ambitions through valuable articles.

Just email them a couple of paragraphs about your idea to start a dialogue.

Have you considered writing articles for a magazine as part of your equestrian business marketing strategy? Publications are looking for contributors and will provide the writer with exposure in exchange. If this is something that might interest you or if you have an idea for an article that would be perfect on paper (or digital), feel free to contact our editor Kate McLaughlin [email protected]