As autumn approaches, we are thrilled to present our September issue, packed with equestrian stories and insights that celebrate the unique bond between humans and horses.

Introducing the Curious Equestrian Podcast

In this edition, we are excited to introduce the inaugural Curious Equestrian Podcast with our dynamic host, Anna Louise Claydon. Explore the podcast's highlights, including our captivating conversation with Zoe Coade, where she shares valuable insights and exercises to elevate your equestrian journey.


Journey to Zimbabwe: 'The Zim Diaries'

Embark on a journey to Zimbabwe with Ross Cooper as he shares an extraordinary tale where equestrianism and conservation converge, offering hope and action.

horse riding for conservation


Regular Columns

  • Business Map: Navigating the landscape of horsemanship services.
  • Horse Health: Reflecting on the age-old question of rugging.
  • Beneath The Surface: Delving deep into the core of equine connection.


Exploring 'The Motivation Equation'

Join us as we span continents through virtual clinics and unravel the threads of motivation and harmony.


Virtual Equine Events with 'Horsealthon'

Discover the burgeoning benefits of virtual equine events as we bring you into the realm of 'Horsealthon.'


Unbridled Connection Retreat

We're thrilled to announce the finalization of the venue and itinerary for our first in-person event, the Unbridled Connection Retreat. This transformative program invites you to delve deeper into horse psychology, hone your horsemanship skills, and rekindle the joy of your equine journey.


Community and Connection

This immersive experience is not solitary but communal, forging enduring bonds within a community united by ethical and compassionate horsemanship practices.




We trust that this issue will infuse your days with delight, inspiration, and an enriched connection to all facets of equine life. Wishing you happy trails ahead.