Welcome to the June Issue of Horsemanship Journal: A Journey of Empathy, Learning, and Inspiration


Horsemanship Journal Cover June 23Welcome to the June Issue of Horsemanship Journal! As the sun shines down on us, casting away the memories of winter, it's time to dive into the latest edition of Horsemanship Journal. In this captivating issue, we have curated a collection of articles and features that will inspire, educate, and ignite your passion for all things equestrian. Join us as we embark on a journey of empathy, learning, and inspiration.


Unleashing the Power of Empathy:

Prepare to be inspired as we explore the profound impact of empathy on our horsemanship. Mark Langley shares his wisdom and experiences, revealing the transformative power of understanding and connection with our equine partners. Discover how empathy can elevate your horsemanship to new heights, fostering a deeper bond and harmonious partnership.


Mastering the Art of Hacking:

Are you ready to explore the great outdoors with your equine companion? Hanna Walton takes us through the fundamentals of hacking, guiding us on a journey to successful and enjoyable hacking experiences. Learn the essential elements that ensure safety, fun, and a stronger bond between you and your horse. It's time to embrace the freedom and beauty of hacking.


A Journey to Ireland: Joel Conner's Horsemanship Clinic:

Embark on a virtual journey to Ireland as we spend time with the renowned Joel Conner at his horsemanship clinic. Witness his exceptional skills and gain valuable insights into his approach. Joel's expertise will captivate and motivate you to enhance your horsemanship. Prepare to be inspired by this extraordinary experience.


Unveiling Lameness: A Comprehensive Guide:

Lameness issues can be a significant concern for horse owners. This issue provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, identifying, and addressing lameness. Learn to recognize the signs, explore effective strategies for promoting soundness, and discover the benefits of holistic hoof care. Take proactive steps to ensure your horse's well-being and longevity.


Breaking Barriers to Learning:

Helen O'Hanlon explores the barriers that hinder our learning process, with a focus on the impact of perfectionism. Discover strategies to overcome these limitations and embrace a growth mindset. Open the doors to continuous growth, development, and a more fulfilling journey with your equine partner.


Exploring Equine Super Senses:

Zoe Coade takes us into the captivating world of equine supersenses. Gain a deeper understanding of your horse's extraordinary abilities and heightened perceptions. Explore their sensory world and appreciate the remarkable connections we share with these magnificent creatures.


Crossing Bridges: A Tale by Andrea Wady:

Immerse yourself in the heartfelt tale of 'Crossing Bridges' shared by Andrea Wady. Follow her captivating journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and the unbreakable bond between horse and human. Prepare to be moved by this touching narrative that celebrates the resilience and beauty of the equestrian spirit.


Embark on a journey of knowledge and inspiration in the June Issue of Horsemanship Journal:

Get ready to embark on a trail of knowledge, inspiration, and horsemanship excellence. The June issue of Horsemanship Journal promises a fulfilling reading experience that will deepen your understanding, expand your horizons, and ignite your passion for all things equestrian.

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