Andrea Wady: Equine Relationship Specialist

Andrea Wady Equine Relatinship Specialist



Andrea Wady has spent her life with horses. Riding since childhood, she competed in show jumping, trained hundreds of horses, and even ran an award-winning horse tours company in the jungles of Costa Rica. 

Taking a lifelong pilgrimage to see the world through the eyes of the horse, her adventures have included teaching clinics on Pure Liberty 
around the world, and walking across Costa Rica with Zeus, a very damaged rescue horse. 

Together, they discovered a whole new way of connecting and discovered what could exist beyond forgiveness. Her book Crossing Bridges won Best International Non-fiction at the celebrated Equus Film and Arts 
festival in California.

In addition to her writing and clinic work, Andrea contributes her wealth of knowledge and experience to Horsemanship Journal. As one of a select panel of expert authors, she shares her unique insights into horse-human relationships, allowing readers to explore new dimensions of connection and understanding. Her articles are a gateway to a different approach to horsemanship, where respect, empathy, and partnership pave the way to fulfilling and harmonious equestrian experiences.

Andrea's journey with horses reminds us of the incredible things that can happen when we approach our relationships with open hearts and minds. Her contributions to the Horsemanship Journal inspire and enlighten us, urging us to seek a deeper, more compassionate connection with our equine partners.



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