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We have packed this issue with coaching articles from a variety of trainers and coaches to help with your horsemanship practice. In this issue, we have a number of articles focused on helping both you and your horse to improve confidence. Natasha continues her A to Z of confidence, this time focusing on Image, Jealousy, Knowledge and Luck. Freddy Steele has 5 Ways to Build Your Horse's Confidence and 5 Ways to Build Your Confidence.

One of the exciting aspects to editing Horsemanship Journal is getting to meet new people, and in this issue, we got to chat with Manjeev Chaudhary who has been on an extraordinary horsemanship journey taking him around the world, and now running the only natural horsemanship centre in India to provide all the people like him in India and Asia a place to carry out their dreams with horses.

We’re delighted to have Gillian Higgins from Horse’s Inside Out help our understanding of the horse’s digestive system to enable you to feed more effectively, reduce the risk of intestinal problems and allow him to perform more efficiently.

Front Cover | Manjeev Chaudhary - Horsemanship India



I hope you enjoy reading this edition.

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What's Inside the October Edition of Horsemanship Journal


Building the Bubble #4  Just Honour Them  

Anna Blake continues to explore ‘Building the Bubble’. In this instalment, Anna talks about how we earn the right to share our horse’s bubble.

After a life with horses, I believe that horses were created to be a part of the natural world, and like all animals, express their lives in their unique way, for their own reasons. If we manage to learn from them, it’s our luck and not their job. They owe us nothing.


Top tips to building confidence for you and your horse!

5 Ways to Build Your Horse's Confidence | 5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

Building confidence in horses is vital for the overall development of the horse. A confident horse is usually comfortable in their surroundings. Much like people, the horse could have an overall more confident personality or less confident personality, but through education, confidence could be gained or lost entirely or in certain situations


Food for thought

Horsemanship Journal - Horses Inside Out


Understanding how your horse’s digestive system works will enable you to feed more effectively, reduce the risk of intestinal problems and allow him to perform more efficiently. Gillian Higgins from Horses Inside Out explains more.


The Perils of being Perfect | The Equestrian Edit

Horsemanship Journal - Helen OHanlonWe all want to get it right or even ‘perfect’ in life, in our careers and most importantly with our horses. Explains Helen O'Hanlon. From a young age, we are socially conditioned to strive to get it right and we swell up with pride when we are told that we have done something ‘perfectly’. I am guilty of saying this myself in my teaching and mentoring roles, but realistically, being perfect is an exhausting and self-destructive endeavour because there is no such thing as perfect, it is an impossible standard.


Table to Stable |  A journey from corporate life to opening the first horsemanship centre in India  

Manjeev is the first (and currently only) natural horsemanship trainer certified by Monty Roberts in Asia (as featured on the front cover). From wild mustangs in California to young thoroughbreds in India about to start their racing career, Manjeev works diligently to empower the horses with the tools, ability and confidence to face the life ahead of them.  


The A to Z of confidence | Natasha Fountain continues her alphabetical series: Image, Jealousy, Knowledge and Luck

Confidence is fragile, and we need to take care of it. Imagine confidence as the shell of an egg. A few cracks and the egg will hold together, but one crack too far, and it will break. That's where the similarity with an eggshell ends, an eggshell can't be repaired, but confidence can. The journey is slow and needs baby steps, but it can be rebuilt. However, it is easier not to lose it in the first place, and I am hoping that something in this series of articles will help you see the cracks before they are beyond repair. 


Feet In Space | Proprioception, otherwise known as kinesthesia, is your body's ability to sense movement, action and location. Ross Cooper explores how harnessing this ability can improve your horsemanship.

Proprioception is spatial awareness, the ability to know the body's position, where it is and what it is doing in relation to its surroundings. It is a way for the body to use itself economically and prevent injury. It is information relayed from the muscles, tendons and ligaments via special receptors in the body known as proprioceptors. 


Recognising pain behaviour in ridden horses | Are you confident to recognise if a horse is in pain when he's being ridden? 

Sue Palmer - The Horse Physio brings us the latest research in recognising pain in horses. Read the article to learn more about facial markers, body markers and gait markers.


Get Good at Building the Language of Yield, Drive and Draw 

Horsemanship Journal - Zoe CoadeBuilding a language using yield, drive and draw can be one of the most beneficial things you will ever do. For many, it can be life-changing,Zoe Coade explains.

Yield, drive and draw are the building blocks and set the way for the ABC'S in everything you or I do, from day-to-day activities from working on the ground to riding. Imagine, whilst grooming, you can ask the horse to move over politely with one hand softly pushing the hair and skin rather than having to lean in and push with your whole body.