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Horse Health and Wellbeing


Vet Nikki tackles equine obesity in her 'Ask the Vet' column discussing the causes and methods to check your horse's weight and offering advice to manage your horse's weight. We have also included more details on measuring and recording weight. The feature starts on page 4 of Western Horse.


One way to manage your horse's weight and exercise is to look at how you stable and graze your horse. We look at alternative grazing methods on page 24 of Horsemanship Journal, and in December's issue, we'll take a closer look at the Equicentral way. Taking a fresh look at how we graze horses isn't just good for their welfare but also for the environment, as you'll learn in the next issue.


On the subject of the environment, Ross Cooper continues his series 'Strides to Sustainability' starting on HJ page 18, looking at how plastic is everywhere in our equestrian life.


Sue Palmer continues her focus on caring for older horses on HJ page 14, this time looking at baited stretches, dental care and health checks. Hannah Jones considers the wellbeing of our horses and looks beyond what we see to understand and be mindful of their emotions.


Training and Coaching


Ben Longwell begins the first of a two-part series to provide you with techniques to help your horse with fear and confidence so that you can get to a place where you can achieve true response. See WH page 8.

Barbra Schulte discusses 'competitive excellence' on WH page 28 and the changes she sees happening in the world of competition today.


The Think Like a Pony club has some great step-by-step advice if your pony is leading you instead of you leading your pony. See HJ page 22.


Zoe Coade discusses the importance of changing things up on the arena track and why you shouldn't avoid areas that spook your horse. See HJ page 4


Coping with Change


We have several articles in this issue on the topic of coping with changes from a variety of perspectives. Helen O'Hanlon discusses starting over when it's not your choice, sharing her personal experiences of equine partnerships cut short, HJ page 8.


What happens when your best-laid plans are dashed? Julie Goodnight provides her insights when it's time to hit the reset button, HJ page 28.


Natasha Fountain compares the loss of confidence to the grief cycle on HJ page 26, and in understanding the grief journey, know that you can give it its own space and acceptance and get to the 'moving on' stage.




Now in year 2 of a 'gap year' because one year of being a Cow Girl wasn't enough for Bella, she continues to share her experiences, this time in how groundwork in horsemanship can help to build a better relationship with horses - whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, WH page 18.


Our regular Western Riding 101 feature covers everything you need to know to start western riding lessons in the UK. Don't forget to check out our directories to find the right trainer for you.




A big thank you to those who participated in the Instagram Story competition; t-shirts have been sent out to our winners.